X ASMR Channels To Follow On Social Media That Will Make You Drool
Image source: pinterest.com

Autonomous sensory meridian response, otherwise known as ASMR, has taken social media by storm. The technique used by YouTubers to calm viewers with noises of soft speaking, slow tapping, or brushing/stroking movements on objects, eating or sipping, or just opening packages.

Eating ASMR has to be one of the most soothing and drool-worthy genres. The crunchiness of food and the chewy sounds, along with the mouthwatering food, is bound to make you drool. ASMR can play a role in your wellness routine and help you meditate better. It is known to calm your nervous system and also help you sleep better. Now, if you are tempted to jump into the ASMR world, take a look at these channels, which will not help you relax but will also make you crave food.

1. Jane ASMR 

If you are a candy lover, then Jane’s channel is the best thing you can tune in to. The candy she eats is not just eating candy, but it’s also eye candy. The bright-colored desserts and candy will definitely make you drool and will make you buy a whole stash of candy for your next binge eating session.

2. Sulgi 

The idea of Korean mukbangs incorporating ASMR is not something new. But it will definitely catch your attention with the variety of food they eat on mukbangs. Sulgi, with 5.3 million subscribers on youtube, has a wide variety of videos in which she is seen chugging down Korean food. If you like the idea of Korean hot noodles, Korean fried chicken, and tteokbokki, then Sulgi’s channel is the best to follow.

3. FoodieLicious 

Looking for a wholesome channel covering everything from Korean food to Indonesian food, fast food, and everything in between? Hop on to foodielicious’s ASMR to get your taste buds triggered and crave a variety of food.

4. Yura ASMR 

Known for its color-coordinated desserts and food. Yura’s ASMR videos are a treat to both your eyes and tastebuds. Eating is an art, and Yura knows how to do it.

5. ASMR Phan

Talk about dedication! ASMR Phan’s youtube has an entire collection of videos that include a specific type of food. From fruits to crispy fried chicken and seafood. Phan’s youtube channel is a dedicated place if you want to see her eating the same food repeatedly.

6. Zach Choi

With 11 million subscribers on Youtube. Choi’s ASMR videos are wholesome and full of yummy food. The YouTuber’s video lineup includes the most popular foods in the ASMR world.

7. Morpheus 

Morpheus is an older adult who happens to enjoy food and his life. Not only soothing food sounds, but Morpheus’s own voice is also so soothing to the ear that you will want to hear him talk all day.

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