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6 Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors That Will Make You Cry

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When it comes to food, some people go out of their comfort zone and try new stuff. But others are not that open about it. And it doesn’t help if what they are offered even sounds weird, especially if it’s a dessert. A very small population would say they are not into desserts. And I would say, it is people like them who invent weird flavors to make the lovers of food and dessert fall out of love. I mean, who in their right minds would have thought these bizarre ice cream flavors could ever exist.


Sometimes, people invent dishes and give them quirky names that are not remotely linked to the content used. But if horse flesh flavor ice cream is being offered in Japan, the region known to eat animals the rest of the world does not, you can bet they might be using real flesh. Who even eats horses. What’s worse is that the place that offers horse flesh also offers cow tongue ice cream.


Do you like bhutta? Well, if you are a Pakistani, you must love it. But here is the kicker. Since we are used to salted corns, sweet doesn’t sit well with us. Although if you went to Turkey, and loved their sweet and juicy corns, you would like this. It is ice cream perched, not on a cone but corn. If one were to guess, I would say it’s entirely possible this one was invented due to different handwriting; corn, cone, hmm.

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Apparently, Oregon is known for sweet and salt dishes mixed together. They blend sugar and spice together. Technically speaking, the spice is not salty, so a blend of sweet and spice just might result in something super great.


First of all, don’t order anything that makes you sign a waiver. Yes, you heard it right. They make you sign a waiver before you get the ice cream. How shady is that? And they literally insert peppers as garnish. Who hurt you man?

ghost pepper ice cream
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Lobster noodles are a cheaper way of eating lobsters and mind you, they are tasty. But people just had to go a step further and make lobster ice cream. It is primarily a butter ice cream which has lobster folded in each bite.


If I was to choose a snack, I would go for Kurkure instead of Cheetos. The flavour doesn’t sit right with me but there are people who love it so we can’t really judge. Although, were they told that their favourite snack is now an ice cream, would they still try it, this is a question only they can answer.

These are just some ice cream flavors that really make someone rethink their life choices. But would you be willing to take them on? If so, let us know in the comments.

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