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The tourism industry has collapsed due to the pandemic as people are staying back home to curb the coronavirus. While people can’t travel to destinations, in reality, technology is enabling them to take virtual tours to popular destinations around the globe.

According to Google Keyword Planner data obtained by Forbes, the term “virtual tour” was searched for 1,300 times in February while the number of searches in March increased seven times higher – almost 10,000 times. The rise in numbers was seen only once the governments started locking down countries around the globe.

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In this article, we have listed down our top six virtual travel tours you must experience while you’re at home. This is probably once in a lifetime opportunity as these places didn’t offer any virtual tours before the pandemic and might not offer them after the lockdown is lifted.

1- Disney World 

Virtual tour
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All of us have dreamt of going to Disney World at least once in our lifetime. Now it is the chance! If you couldn’t make it to the theme park earlier, Disney is offering the virtual tour of the magic of the Mouse on their YouTube channel. Other thrills of the theme park can be enjoyed on visit Orlando’s blog.

2- Great Wall of China 

Virtual Tour
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UNESCO World heritage site is offering a tour of the most magnificent architecture built by humans, the Great Wall of China, by using 3D Maps. “This is particularly special because the featured sites are currently threatened by climate change, and the goal of this interactive experience is to preserve them digitally,” says Ronni Kenoian, Manager of Marketing and Ecommerce from InsureMyTrip.

She added, “Not only are the sites beautiful to see, but the entire experience provides education about the history, heritage, protection, and conservation efforts for these landmarks.”

3- Eiffel Tower

Virtual Tour
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Climb up to the most beautiful wonder of the world, the Eiffel tower without any traveling expense, jet lag, or long queue. Google Arts and Culture are offering a 360-degree virtual tour in the most romantic city in the world, Paris. Just sit back, play some jazz, and enjoy!

4- London’s National Gallery 

Virtual Tour
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For all the museum lovers and art fanatics, the National Museum of London offers endless options for you to explore if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the walls in your room, head on to Google’s online exhibit and reminisce the days when you were able to witness these beautiful masterpieces in person.

5- Universal Studios 

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Universal Studios, based in Orlando, is offering exclusive behind the scenes and many more such as The Wizarding World of the Harry Porter via their official website. You can have a look at diverse venues at the theme park easily while sitting back at home.

6- Sea World 

Virtual Tour
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Sea World is one of my favorite theme parks on the list! While you can not mimic the experience of watching beautiful sea creatures in person, you can check out the virtual tour here.

Have something to add? Let us know which virtual tour you’re taking next in the comment section below.

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