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Automotive enthusiasts love equipping their car with the latest and the best gear.

They play with the colors, rims, vinyl, interior; you name it. Modifying and customizing a car is a part of personalizing it so that it can stand out and look apart.

However, before you can go out and about to get your ride a makeover, there are a couple of things you should know pre-hand.

Once you have decided to modify your car, there is no going back! So are you ready to know what they are?

6 Things You Should Know Before You Modify Your Ride!

1. Modification May Affect your Car’s Warranty

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Many drivers opt for a warranty given by the manufacturers of the car variant. However, the warranty comes with certain conditions. The manufacturer will be responsible for paying for the service or repair only if those conditions are met. Once you modify a car no matter how small it may be, the warranty can become null.

2. May Lead to Performance Reduction

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It’s very ironic how people modify their rides so that it can give a better performance, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, modifications reduce their vehicle’s performance rather than improving. Plus, they can, at times, cause a lot of expensive repairs if the car’s engine or chassis is damaged in the process.

3. Modification is Costly on the Pockets

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Car owners want to modify their car with the best of the best, but the sad reality is that not everyone can get through the entire process as it mints out money from your pocket. Just upgrading the tires and wheels can cost around $2,000, sportscars are even more expensive!

4. It’s a Continous Process

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The modification itself is a form of art, and artwork cannot be perfect in a couple hours nor days. Hence, modifying your ride becomes a continuous process that you take to take part in once you have started to give it tune-ups.

5. Choosing the Right People/Company for the Job is Critical

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Not everyone who claims to be a pro at their work can handle your ride. If you own a Ferrari and you take it to a company that deals in Honda and specializes in sedans, then you will for sure find yourself in a lot of trouble.

6. May Compromise your Safety

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Last but not least, modifying your ride not only compromises the car’s performance but your safety as well. Tinted windows are one of the most popular car modifications; they are ubiquitous in Pakistan. Did you know that the recommended level of light transmission in tinted windows is 25%? Having a light transmission level that is less than 25% compromises your safety because it hinders your ability to see other vehicles.

Still, want to modify your ride? Be sure you are 100% sure!

Stay safe and stay tuned to Brandsynario.