coronavirus vaccine
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As the coronavirus vaccines start rolling out into countries, there are safety procedures and protocols you need to be aware of. Here’s why the work isn’t finished after your first dose of vaccine and what all you need to do.

Risks Are Uncertain

There is still a plethora of research that needs to be done on the vaccines even though they have been developed in an unprecedented span. Most vaccines require two doses that are administered two/three weeks apart. Hence, you need to remain defensive until you have completed your course.

Moreover, doctors suggest that your immunity to the virus builds completely two entire weeks after your doses are complete. Don’t go out partying just yet.

What To Do After?

If you have already received the vaccine or are caring for someone who has, here are the best tips to follow.

coronavirus vaccine
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1. Take Care of The Area

Put a cold washcloth over the area where the injection has been given. It is likely that the area will be sore and will hurt slightly. If the redness or tenderness in the area does not preside in 48 hours, consult your doctor.

2. Dress Lightly

In most cases, people have reported feeling warmer and heavier. Considering warmer temperatures are already upon us, dress in softer, lighter fabrics to feel at ease.

3. Drink Plenty of Fluids

coronavirus vaccine
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Your body might become tense or lethargic and there may be a slight fever too. In such a case it is best to keep yourself hydrated with refreshing drinks. If your symptoms do not settle 48 hours after the vaccine, it is best to consult your doctor.

4. Remain Cautious

Even after getting the vaccine, the risk of transmission is uncertain according to researchers. If you are in the vicinity of people who themselves are not vaccinated, do not take your mask off. Sanitise your hands repeatedly. 

5. Care of Children

If you are in a house with children – who will most likely qualify for the vaccine much later – do not hold small gatherings. Many are misinformed to think they can enjoy small gatherings after being vaccinated.

That is unlikely or unsafe if others in that gathering are not vaccinated!

6. Remain Outdoors With People

coronavirus vaccine
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Even after being vaccinated, people are advised to meet with others in outdoor settings. Again, this is to ensure that no risk is borne for the transmission of the virus and the safety of all is ensured.

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