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Today, English is used globally. When trying to learn it, you must know that it can be achieved easily if you are determined. You should learn the language while having fun and enjoying it. You can learn it easily if you set a goal for yourself and plan a strategy.

Here are some of the simple ways you can learn fluent English faster:

1. Read all you can

Out of all the skills of language learning, reading is the easiest. When people begin to learn a language, they often start with reading because of the same reason. Books that are made for children are the easiest ones. They consist of simple vocabulary and concise sentences. Some books also have illustrations in them which help a non-English speaking reader.

However, those who want to learn the language fast must consume all forms of reading. Read everything you can find from anywhere. Read newspapers, books, children’s books, magazines, Facebook posts, and everything else. Reading is the best way to build one’s vocabulary.

2. Listen to podcasts or documentaries

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Podcasts ad documentaries are a great way to enhance your listening skills. Since listening and speaking skills are related, you should work on your listening skills. Podcasts on topics that you are interested in will not only improve your English but it will also broaden your knowledge on the topic.

3. Learn with friends

Do you know what makes learning more fun? Learning with friends.

Get your friends to work on their English language skills with you. You can help improve each other. Communicating with each other using the language will provide you the confidence to speak the language. Practicing it with a friend will also let you speak it in a comfortable environment.

4.Consume all English language media that you can 

When learning the language, you must not only stick to books. We learn all the time. Books will help you in certain ways but you must also consume all the media you can find. Listen to songs and watch films and standup performances. TV shows that have more than a couple of seasons will be great for this purpose. You must not forget to turn the subtitles on.

5. Listen to motivational speaker’s speeches and repeat

This is what most experts suggest to someone who is trying to learn to speak a language fluently. Find a speaker whose style you love. Listen to their way of speaking. Pause and repeat afterward. Do this daily for about 5-10 minutes daily.

6. Think in English

This is my favorite tip for you. If you are learning to speak English fluently then start thinking in the same language. People often complain that they think fluently in a language while when they try to speak that fluency is gone. This is something most beginners can relate to. You just don’t worry about this and start thinking in the language.

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