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Let’s be real. For many of us today, the main source of information is Netflix. You want to learn about something? Simply hop onto Netflix and whip out the documentaries or shows on the topic. Given the current financial crisis the world is going through, it’s the best time to learn about money. Here are the shows you need to watch:

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1. Dirty Money

This Netflix documentary TV series highlights numerous corporate wrongdoings and corruptions. The second season just came out! In Season 1, it reveals well-known companies like Volkswagen who have been involved in a massive fraud. 

2. All The Money In The World

This is based on a real account of the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III. In 1973, kidnappers ask J. Paul Getty, a billionaire, for $17 million in exchange for his grandson’s release. Despite the pleadings of his ex-daughter-in-law Gail, Getty refuses to pay a single cent. Instead, he hired Fletcher Chase, an ex-CIA operative and consultant, to organize a rescue operation to free his grandson without paying the demanded ransom. That’s how you keep your money!

3. Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates: Limited Series

Boy, do we all need to see this. This three-part Netflix documentary reveals the fundamentals of Bill Gates’ life. There’s everything in it from his early years to managing Microsoft, his marriage to Melinda, and the charitable foundation they co-manage. The Netflix documentary gives us a closer look at Bill Gates as a person, his accomplishment, and what made him a billionaire.


4. Billions

Are you ready to be enthralled by the daily activities of the hedge fund king, Bobby Axelrod? It has fantastic casting which is another reason to watch it. While the US district attorney searches for ways to bring Bobby Axelrod to justice for insider trading, the TV show follows his luxurious lifestyle. 

5. Laundromat

This one’s full of suspense. A woman lost her husband in a tour boat accident and was left a widow due to bribery, corruption, and money laundering. She unexpectedly exposed the corruption of insurance companies, shell businesses, and offshore accounts as a result of her attempts to obtain the insurance settlement. To what lengths will she go?

6. Money, Explained

A light-hearted and short documentary series about money and the possible minefields we may encounter. Each episode of this series, narrated by celebrities Tiffany Haddish, Bobby Cannavale, Edie Falco (and more), addresses a different financial issue. It has witty narration, animations, and interviews with financial experts. Each quick 20-minute episode contains something new, even if you are an expert in personal finance. Time to find out is now.

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