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Choosing the right partner can be tough. While in our culture, sometimes they just fall in our laps, other times it comes to you through other ways. So have you wondered about how you can be sure you have made the right choice? 

It turns out you’re lucky, answer these questions and you’ll know.

1. The Fights in The Relationship

When you have a fight with each other, does their mistreatment make you want to change them or walk away? If it’s the former, it shows that you believe in them and want to work on a better future. If it’s the latter, it shows they don’t hold enough value in your heart to make you want to stick around.

questions ask yourself before you marry
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2. When Does It Feel Good?

Ask yourself this: does the relationship require specific circumstances to feel good? In other words, is it rarely and very conditional for the relationship to be at a point that you feel happy? If yes, that is a red flag. A healthy and long-lasting relationship must not need specific circumstances to make you feel safe.

3. What Are You Seeking?

questions ask yourself before you marry
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Another important question to ask yourself is about what you are really seeking from this relationship. Are you seeking a real connection from this person or simply validation? A good way of gauging this is to reflect on how you feel when they don’t agree with you, support you, or challenge you.

4. The Dominant Feeling

You should also be thinking about how the relationship with this person leaves you feeling most of the time. No relationship is perfect or ideal. However, there are certain conditions that can help you create one. What is the dominant feeling this person leaves you with most of the time? 

5. What Are You Afraid Of?

An essential question you should ask yourself is pertaining to fear of confrontation. Do you feel afraid of confronting certain truths or asking certain questions because they can disrupt the relationship? If yes, this shows you are hesitant to be honest with this person.

questions ask yourself before you marry
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6. Are They On The Same Wavelength?

Another huge area you must cover or be assured of is your emotional connection. Are they emotionally in tune with you or do you feel the need to write a manual? It is important that they know how to give you what you need emotionally (most of the times) rather than you having to instruct it all.

Though asking yourself these questions may not give you the desired answer but they are essential to you making a well-informed decision.

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