ssg commandos and qualities
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There are several military wings in every army around the world. Despite there being so many armies, there are still many notable wings. One of the most formidable ones is are the SSG Commandos. They are a part of the Pakistan army and certainly live up to their name. They are considered as one of the most competent wings in the world.

The world has seen quite a lot of conflicts and operations over the years. From world wars to gulf wars, everything has taken place. However, in the middle of some of them, the SSG was present. They were sent to make sure the conflict was won. Their existence signifies how far courageous individuals are willing to go. So, what are some of the qualities that make SSG Commandos a formidable force of nature?

ssg commandos and skills
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1. Rock Solid Routine

The SSG Commandos have what we may call a rock-solid routine. They are punctual to the dot and never miss an appointment for anything. This includes training exercises, drills, or lunch. You have to be at a certain level of can-do to be able to perfect this. The commandos wake up at the earliest hours and sometimes go through the night without sleep. They are certainly resilient.

2. Gruelling SSG Tests

It takes quite a lot of effort to be inducted into the SSG. The tests are not easy and they test every part of your being. Whether you have been used to difficult tests or not, these will definitely put you on the spot. From walking through areas filled with heat to climbing snowy areas, the tests have them all.

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3. Resistance To Any Kind Of Environment

Since the SSG are put through such difficult tests, they develop a certain level of resistance. They become these impressive, hardened army men who can survive in any environment. SSG of the Pakistan army are known to survive cold and heat to the extremes. They can even go for days without the nutrition that a civilian would need.

4. SSG Extraordinary Perceptive Skills

It counts a lot as to how a person looks at an environment. The SSG commandos are trained to view any situation from all angles. They have to map out every single node on a map. When the time of action comes, they are ready with backup planes as well. Contingency is extremely important in such a time. These perceptive skills don’t come easily to everyone but SSG certainly has them.

Pakistani SSG commandos and training
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5. Will Power To Infinity And Beyond

Additionally, to be able to survive in the SSG, one needs an exceptional amount of willpower. One has to be able to think outside of the box. They may be asked to perform tasks that are not considered easy for an ordinary citizen. Thus, competition for such a task requires an immense amount of willpower. This is something the SSG has in bunches!

6. SSG Diverse Skillset In The Field

They are trained in quite a lot of areas. Whether it is diving underwater or from the air, they have it. Since this is the top wing of the military, they go through every kind of training there is. You can expect an SSG commando to have an extremely diverse skillset. They have weaponry experience as well as unarmed combat experience.

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