6 Incredible Loaded Fries In Karachi You Just NEED To Try

Image Source: Facebook/Chick Magnet

Fries, the word itself is a melody to the ear. Have fries when you are sad when you are happy when you are alone, or with a group of friends. Fries can elevate your mood as much as a full-course meal can. Eat them alone or with a full meal of burgers and shakes, fries are the best thing one could invent of potatoes and if we are talking about fries how can we forget loaded fries? From oozing sauce, cheesy toppings, and jalapenos to pickles, shredded chicken, and hot sauce, loaded fries come in a variety of forms. Today, we are making a list of all the places which serve the best-loaded fries in Karachi.

1. Chick Magnet 

A personal favorite chick magnet has one of the best fries in K-town. From their fries platter to loaded fries. You get a wide variety of toppings and sauces to choose from. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, their fries are the treat to your tastebuds.

2. Big Bash Loaded Fries

The big bash is famous for its pizza fries which come with a cheese sauce, tomato sauce, and lots of mushrooms and jalapenos. The crispy chicken topping with a layer of melted mozzarella is a must-have for fries lovers.

3. E-street Mews

Mews cafe fries are not just a treat to the eyes because of their cute presentation, they are just as yummy. The toppings with Kimchi and Bolognese with cheddar, Siracha, and Mayo all they take the award home for being one of the best in K-town.

4. The Burger Shack 

The OG burger shack has the best saucy-loaded fries one could crave for. They make the best comfort food. Despite being loaded with sauces, they have the perfect combination of softness and crunchiness.

5. Hoagies Loaded Fries

If you like your fries meaty, then hoagies are your perfect bet. With big chunks of steaked meat and caramelized onions, these are the perfect option if you haven’t tried your hands on their loaded fries.

6. Meat The Cheese

You might have heard a lot about the loaded fries from meat the cheese but they definitely need to be discussed every time. These fries from meat the cheese are unlike anything we have tried before. And they definitely take the award home for being the best fries in Karachi.

Let me know in the comments below the ones you have tried and absolutely loved. Leave down some recommendations for us to try on our next eat-out session.

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