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When it comes to the TV or entertainment industry in general, there is only so much variety. Either you will find dramas and cooking shows, or you will find news and political shows. Very rarely would you come across entertainment talk shows, though. However, now they have greatly increased in frequency. So the entertainment talk shows you need to be watching currently are:

1. Ghabrana Mana Hai

With Vasay Chaudhary hosting this show, Ghabarana Mana Hai has only recently started, with only Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed, and Yasir Hussain having been invited. And with only two episodes down, this show has already created controversies all over the industry. Moreover, the segment that makes this show even more impressive is Sohaye Ali Abro and Mustafa Chaudhary’s short but amazing performance.

2. Time Out

Time Out is hosted by Ahsan Khan, who brings energy into a show, and that’s not ununderstandable considering we know how absolutely talented the Udari actor is.

3. The Couple Show

While other talk shows are amazing in their own capacity, the idea of the couple show is interesting in Pakistan. The idea is that a new couple that people have come to adore, Agha Ali and Hina Agha, would host a show where they would be inviting couples. And when couples get together, either they have fun, or they let on some inside info. So for the viewers, it’s guaranteed fun.

4. Hello Mira Sethi

This talk show is my personal favorite, with Mira keeping the conversation soft but exploring some very important topics. She is able to make people talk about serious issues and extract what they truly believe about them. The best one was her interview with Sarwat Gilani. Sarwat kept continuously dissociating herself from being a feminist. So, Mira, she asked Sarwat’s views on another question and was able to decipher how the latter really is a feminist.

5. TBH By Tabish Hashmi

The first season being an absolute hit, Tabish is back with season two of the show. Being good at comedy himself, he is able to make any guest comfortable in his her skin and then approaches the conversation in a way that even someone as sophisticated as Nadia Khan is able to let go a little.

6. By The Way 

Hosted by Ali Saleem, or rather his alter ego, Begum Nawazish Ali, By The Way, is a show that iss very serious but just the host’s presence lightens the mood.

Being an active follower of all these shows, I can totally say that these shows are definitely worth watching.

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