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Automobiles require regular maintenance if one intends to keep using them for years. Since they have a variety of mechanical parts, they should always be kept in check. However, there are a few things drivers can do to improve their driving experience. Not only that but there are accessories they can buy. These accessories will not only make their vehicle feel safer and cleaner but will also make it more protective.

There can be a lot of accessories that are added to a car. However, we are looking at the ones that are the most essential ones. You can keep driving your car without them, but using them will give your experience a boost. Not only that, but it will keep your car protected from a lot of things.

1. Car Dashboard Mat

This is a must-have accessory, especially for vehicles in Pakistan. Due to the hot weather, the dashboard of the car can get heated up quite quickly. Such a mat not only prevents that from happening, but helps with air conditioning too. A less warmer car means it can get cooler faster.

car dashboard mat and other accessories
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2. Door Sun Visors

This accessory is useful for sunny and rainy weather both. When the sun is out, it keeps it from entering your eyes. You can easily stare forward or sideways and drive without the light hitting your eye with intensity. In rainy weather, it prevents water from entering your car through the window. The raindrops hit the visor and slide off.

Sun visor in the car
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3. Car Door Rubber Strip

This is a necessary accessory because it prevents damage to your and other people’s cars. When this accessory is placed, it reduces the amount of door dings by more than 80%. Instead of the door directly hitting the car next to you, the rubber strip gets in between. It softens the blow and there is no mark from door dings.

Car door rubber and accessories
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4. Sun Tint Strip

Again, a must-have accessory for Pakistan, this is a tint strip that is put across the top of your windshield. It helps keep the sun out of your eyes and even provides a stylish look to the car. A lot of cars already have such a strip pre-installed straight out of production, but if not, you can surely buy and place it.

sun tint trip on the vehicle
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5. Seat Neck Cushion

This accessory extends towards the drivers comfort more than the vehicle’s protection. It keeps the drivers neck from getting stiff on long journeys and provides an extra layer of comfort. You would not want to get out of your car if you have this accessory placed on the head of your seat.

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6. Arm Rest Extension

This is another accessory that can be missing in older cars. Placing it provides better comfort while driving as you have a place to rest your other hand. When its not on the gear or on the steering wheel, it can rest on the extension.

Arm rest in the vehicle
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These accessories are sure to vamp up your driving experience, and make your car more protective of outside elements.

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