Civic and other car nicknames
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In Pakistan, some cars have nicknames that have stretched more than a decade or two, and have become more cemented than the actual names. A lot of people recognize the cars simply because of the nicknames themselves, not what the actual vehicle is called. From Toyota to Honda to Suzuki, we have such named cars in all brands and all of them have fun names. Let us check out some of them!

1. Daihatsu ‘Anda’ Charade

When the Daihatsu Charade first came out, it caused quite a lot of commotion due to the fuel efficiency and cheap maintenance. Additionally, it had quite a comfortable drive with a highly customizable chassis. To this day, the ‘Anda’ Charade has one of the biggest engine bays given in any hatchback vehicle. People have managed to fit the notorious ‘2JZ’ engine in the bay.

2. Honda Civic Nicknames

There have been quite a lot of nicknames for the Honda Civic over the years. One of the 90s variants was nicknamed the ‘Dolphin’ Civic because it resembled that. Other than that, the 2005 model Civic is known as ‘Eagle-Eye’ and one of the most popular ones is the 2009 Honda Civic ‘Reborn’. You say the name ‘Civic Reborn’ anywhere, it is sure to turn heads.

3. Honda ‘Chuha’ City

While the Honda City IDSI is one of the best road vehicles ever made, it is still unpopular due to the shape of the car. Yes, the vehicle has impressive fuel efficiency, affordable spare parts and a comfortable drive in the city and on the motorway. However, Honda could not get the shape of it right, giving it the nickname ‘Chuha’ and even ‘Sabun ki Dibiya’ among many people.

4. Suzuki Carry ‘Dabba’

This is one of the best utility vehicles present in Pakistan and it has been present since the late 80s. It has a shape similar to the box and it was later redesigned as the Suzuki Bolan. However, the nickname it has gotten over the years is ‘Carry Dabba’. Thus, any box-looking utility vehicle is automatically nicknamed ‘dabba’.

5. Mehran Nicknames – The ‘Boss’

Of course, we cannot talk about nicknames and leave out Suzuki Mehran. It got its name ‘The Boss’ because of its high resilience within and outside the city. People have taken this vehicle over rough and tough terrain and it has held its ground. It is certainly worthy of this name as it can endure a lot in Pakistan and keep running.

6. Toyota Vigo ‘Daala’

The pickup trucks present in Pakistan are referred to as ‘Daala’. This name was given due to the flatbed that is present on the back of every one of these pickup trucks. Be it the 1992 Hilux, the Hilux Vigo, Revo or Rocco, all of them are considered as a ‘Daala’.

These nicknames are long-running and any Pakistani can tell you which car is being talked about when these names are mentioned.

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