6 Mistakes To Avoid While Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Baking cookies is not my forte. As easy as baking might look on these fast motion videos on the internet, I warn you, it is not. It requires so much effort and technique to pull together one successful batch of cookies, or a chocolate cake.

Banana bread, the easiest thing to bake on this planet, can go wrong too if you do not follow instructions. There are some mistakes that you can make while baking and overlook them easily. After dedicating hours, your heart just breaks into pieces when you don’t get expected results.

Here are ten common mistakes you must avoid while baking:

  1. Baking soda and Baking Powder are not the same.

    The key is to follow the recipe religiously. Use what the recipe says, baking soda or the baking powder. Cookies can turn out differently with each of the ingredients.

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  2. Do not attempt to load all ingredients in the same bowl.

    There is a reason why dry ingredients go in a separate bowl while the liquid in another. Don’t add all your ingredients to a single pan.
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3. Overmixing Your Batter

Details are so important when baking. Over mixing your batter can result in a runnier batter. It can turn your cookies light and airy.

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4. Use Proper equipment

Use proper equipment to measure ingredients. The below pictures comprises of two cookies. Right: The cookie has slightly less flour than the recipe. Left: The cookie has marginally more powder than required.

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5. Add enough Sugar

Some people would add less sugar to the batter to limit sugar intake. The Sugar is what makes the cookie chewy in the middle. Skipping it or adding less will not result in a perfect cookie. Just use Brown Sugar instead.

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6. Preheat Oven 

A lot of people do not know the significance of preheating your oven. You can’t start your cookies in a cold oven. The temperature should be set just as the recipe suggests. Set a timer too.

Protip: Switch your oven on in the middle of assembling your batter.

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I hope your cookies turn out great after you identify the common mistakes mentioned above.

This article is based on a trial and error experiment project conducted by Rachel Askinasi. The article first appeared on insider.com. 

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