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The black seed is also known as kalonji, nigella, or by its scientific name Nigella Sativa. Black seed belongs to the buttercup family if we talk about its flowering plant. Moreover, the black seed is one ingredient that is usually available at all times in Pakistani and Indian households as it is used in our cooking a little too much. Why? Well, because of its beautiful aroma and unique flavor!

However, as much as we enjoy adding this beauty to our food dishes, did you know how incredibly beneficial it is for you? Well, keep on reading to find out. Although black seeds have unlimited benefits, we have compiled a list of six benefits that you must check out!

Here are six benefits of black seed you must know

1. Strengthens immunity

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Who doesn’t want a healthy immune system? Black seed oil is a great way to improve your immune system, only if you consume it daily. How? Well, if you add black see oil in boiling water and inhale the fumes/steams, it will help reduce the nasal congestion if you’re down with the flu. Moreover, it’s highly beneficial for those who suffer from sinusitis.

2. Helps fight acne

Acne is bothersome and very irritating! To help fight it, black seed oil will be your holy grail. All you need is sweet lime juice and black seed oil! Take 1 cup of fresh lime juice and half a teaspoon of black seed oil (mix well). Apply the oil on your face twice a day and notice your acne and blemishes disappear in thin air!

3. Helps in weight loss

One of the significant concerns that have always been around is weight loss. Men and women who want to shed those extra pounds and get in shape opt for different diet plans, which also includes a trendy remedy that is drinking warm water with honey and lemon in the morning. However, if you add a pinch of powdered black seeds to your cup, it will do wonders!

Not only this, but many health experts have claimed black seed to be a miracle ingredient that helps in reducing weight.

4. Eases joint pain

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Treating joint pain is undoubtedly frustrating for those who are experiencing it. Joint pain can majorly affect your daily activities. To treat the pain, all you need is a handful of black seeds and some mustard oil. Combine the two ingredients and heat them in a pan. Remove from the heat and let it cool for some time (should be warm). Apply the warm oil to massage the inflamed joint.

5. Helps control blood pressure

Blood pressure is a real issue. For those who suffer from hypertension should take a glass of warm water and add half a teaspoon of black seed oil to keep their blood pressure under control. Not only this, but it is, of course, advised to follow a proper diet with it.

6. Protects kidneys

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Although kidney stone is a rather common problem, it is indeed excruciating. To treat the pain and protect your kidneys, it is advised to take half a teaspoon of black seed oil with two teaspoons of honey and warm water. This will get rid of kidney pain, stones, and infections. However, you would also need to consult a doctor, But you also need to consult a doctor to get a proper diet.

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