Haunted places in Lahore
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These haunted places in Lahore will seriously test your bravery. If you have any interest in the occult, go through this list of the most haunted places in Lahore!

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1. Sheikhupura Fort

The fort was built during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. The Emperor assigned the job of constructing the Fort to Sikandar Moeen on his hunting trip to Hiran Minar in 1607AD.

This fort also emerged during the consolidation of Sikh Raj in Punjab. According to Ihsan H. Nadiem, a veteran archaeologist and historian, before the Sikhs took over power, Sheikhupura Fort served as a hiding place for bandits looting the countryside. 

Haunted places in Lahore
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The fort is, however, at the precipice of crumbling and collapsing. It is now littered with vandalism and garbage, not being preserved any longer and closed for public. It is said no one wants to go there because the spirits of the Maharanis still live there.

2. Shakuntala’s Room, Lahore College Women’s University

There is a legend that during the time of the British Raj, a Hindu woman named Shakuntala hung herself from a tree branch. This tree was erect where LCWU stands today, and there is a room exactly where the tree was. The British cut the tree and covered the roots with concrete, but within a week, the tree was grown again.

People say that Shakuntala’s spirit haunts that room of LCWU, and it never is occupied.

Haunted places in Lahore
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3. DHA Phase 3

DHA phase 3 was barren and empty for a long time before it started filling up with houses. People have spread stories about there being a vast number of Jinns residing there in the trees. When the trees are cut for the houses to be built, they get upset. They then haunt the people living inside to the extent that they become willing to sell the house and shift!

4. Gulberg Area Lahore

At a home in Gulberg, witnesses have often reported that a man in white clothes (apparently cricket gear) appears from time to time. He disappears when approached, but has never been known to cause harm. His silhouette has been seen by many over the years.

5. The Basement of Fatima Memorial College 

The basement of the building itself used to be a prison for women before partition. Several women and children have died there. Legend has it that their voices can be heard at night, they can often be seen too, and many things are rearranged repeatedly. All avoid the basement.

6. Moti Masjid, Lahore

This masjid used to be for the kings and emperors during the Mughal Era. The mosque got this name because of its pearl structure. It is believed that the mosque has a large community of Jinnat who reside inside. These jinns are also said to be married to many humans with whom they have off-spring as well.

Haunted places in Lahore
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The mosque is closed for the public, yet people say they often see multitudes of people praying inside. Who could they be?

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