Junaid Jamshed and His Best Naats
Image Source: thediplomat.com

In every era, there have been people who have lit up the entire world’s atmosphere. Their presence makes them precious to the world, and they win the hearts of millions. One of the most interesting parts of these people is that they never seem to give up.

Even when Nelson Mandela was jailed for twenty-seven years, his spark to keep fighting did not diminish. He came out on top as the president of South Africa. Even when humans’ voice was not being given their due rights, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X stood to fight.

These people perform such features that they are cemented in history as some of the greatest ones ever. Muhammad Ali Jinnah is known for his resiliency and dedication. Abdul Sattar Edhi, one of the greatest humanitarians ever, also made his way down in history.

Similarly, one such figure is known for inspiring millions. The name knows this personality of Junaid Jamshed. Have a look at these 6 beautiful Naats by him, that won our hearts!

1. Ilahi Teri Chokhat Par

This is one of the most famous and known Naats by Junaid Jamshed. It portrays the very essence of being close to God. When a person must ask for assistance or help, they ought to turn to Allah for it. The Naat further explores the effect that a person experiences once they decide to ask God for help.

This Naat had inspired millions of people and won our hearts when it was released. After all this time, it is still considered one of the most beautiful Naats ever. The Holy Prophet always turned to Allah for help, which is part of the Naat. The House of God is one where you ask for help.

2. Muhammad Ka Roza

This is yet another one of the most well-known poems of the personality. He portrays the effect the person has when they ponder over the life and acts of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Muhammad ka Roza is a compelling set of words that let the reader dive into the world of peace and tranquility. One cannot help but year up when listening to these beautiful Naats.

3. Mere Nabi Pyaray Nabi

As the name also suggests, the Naat focuses on the Holy Prophet’s attributes and qualities (PBUH). He is known for his qualities by the name of ‘Sadiq’ and ‘Amin’ even before the first revelation. He is the one person in history whose whole life has been recorded, day today. The Naat hits quite hard for the listener, especially if they try to imagine what it means to be present at the same time as the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

4. Mera Dil Badal De

This naat focuses on the effect the heart can have on the actions of the person. Many people’s intentions depend on how their heart feels when they are doing the deed. The composer here, in this Naat, requests God to make their intentions turn for the better. If their heart is clean of second thoughts, they can make decisions with a clearer mind frame.

5. Qasida Burda Shareef

The Durood Shareef is encouraged, towards a Muslim, to be recited after every prayer. It is quite beneficial when recited. The benefits of its recitation are portrayed in this Naat. Being closer to God also requires one to believe and recite the ‘Durood Shareef’ as part of this Naat. Junaid Jamshed won many hearts with the release of this Naat and continues to do so.

6. Mohabbat Kya Hai

The name states a question in this Naat. The question asks what exactly is love. As one can already imagine, the love here is not referred to as one with someone in this world. This love refers to the bond one develops with God. Taking time out of worldly life and trying to remember and get closer to God is part of what this Naat explains. It is also high on the list of Junaid Jamshed’s most popular Naats.

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