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Apple is one of the biggest titans of the tech industry today. When one thinks about flagship products, one’s mind immediately moves towards Apple. Owning and using their products is to embrace a whole new ecosystem. They have their own norms as well as product types. Here we have a few facts about the company you might not know.

These facts range from many areas and can astonish you. You may not ever have heard of some of these things and that is okay. This list contains some stuff that even we have read about and heard of the first time. So let us waste no more time and dive into these eye-opening facts about Apple. Yes, we are referring to the company and not the fruit!

1. Sir Isaac Newton

While we know the rainbow apple to be the most famous logo, it was not the first one. According to sources, the first logo of Apple was Isaac Newton with an Apple about to fall on his head. Due to the level of detail that would have gone into making that logo small, it was scrubbed.

It was made by one of Apple’s initial stakeholders, Ronald Wayne. He was also one of the founders!

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2. Selling A Calculator:

To gather and have the capital for the company, Steve Wozniak sold his scientific calculator. While this may not seem quite a lot now, it was a huge deal back then when such calculators were rare. To build the first of the parts for Apple I, this calculator was sold.

Imagine what it might have been worth today if it was $700 back then!

Apple and Wozniak Calculator
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3. Apple I:

These days, the price tags on Apple products can be considered high. Back then, they were also considered quite a hefty investment. The Apple I was sold for $666 simply because it was easier to type. Imagine setting a price of a product because of convenience!

Apple 1 computer
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4. Macintosh:

The Apple Lisa was named after the daughter of Steve Jobs. However, the name Macintosh is derived from the variety of Apple. It ties in the entire fruit theme together and is considered ingenious. At first, people thought the name wouldn’t stick but it held too much staying power.

macintosh and Apple computers
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5. First Digital Camera

Apple was the one to make the mass-produced digital camera. It had the ability to take 8 photographs and to connect to a Mac via a serial port. The company was taking bounds forward at such a brisk pace. It is still considered ahead of its time in many aspects.

6. Battery Of An Apple

The chemistry behind Apple batteries is quite strong. Apple products use such robust batteries that they can be called bulletproof. Your MacBook might just save you from a gunshot!

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