Homeschooling can be difficult as it is an unusual way of teaching kids. It can be difficult for you to manage at first. You should show compassion to your kids when teaching them. However, they should be able to differentiate between you as a parent and as a teacher.

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Homeschooling is an excellent option for parents who think that the traditional education system is not sufficient enough. It’s better to learn to teach first. For this, you can get all those free resources on the internet or get enrolled in a program.

Here are some useful homeschooling tips for parents out there:

1. Designate a homeschooling space

Your children will not learn anything in their bed, in your TV lounge or any other place which has distractions. You should create a separate learning space for kids. While creating the designated area, make sure to pay attention to children’s choices and that the space is creative.

2. Create a schedule 


I believe that traditional schooling emphasizes discipline way too much. Kids lose their creativity and are taught to be utterly dependent on teachers for little things. They are not allowed to do anything without asking for permission first, even if it’s going to the washroom, drinking water, or also speaking. 

Homeschooling should not take away the kid’s decision-making skills, but it doesn’t mean there should be no discipline. You should create a schedule for the whole day and then stick to it.

3. Passion projects

Another great benefit of homeschooling is that your kid can explore his/her interests. Set a separate time each week for passion projects. You can help your child cook their favorite meal or get them to meditate with you.

4. Online homeschooling resources 

Sometimes, parents spend a significant amount on curriculum, which takes away one of the benefits of homeschooling. Nowadays, you can easily find free online resources on the internet. Quizzes, worksheets, and learning guides are all available on many sites. Khan Academy is a popular website for education and learning.

5. No social media or mobile phones

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When studying, mobile phones can be very distracting. Parents should make learning space a no mobile phone zone. Additionally, children should not have access to social media as well.

6. Connect with other parents who homeschool 

Homeschooling can be extremely challenging. Sometimes, you may feel exhausted. It is better to connect with other homeschooling parents as they may be going through the same thing. You can also share your teaching methods with them and ask them theirs. You can find many groups on Facebook for homeschooling parents. 

What do you think about homeschooling? Is it better than the traditional one? Let us know in the comments below. 

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