lychee juice recipes delicious
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Lychee season is arguably the best season of all time. There are so many ways you can utilise lychee in refreshing summer drinks. Be it for a party, a birthday or simply an evening cool down, these will be your new favourite drinks.

1. Lychee and Coconut Summer Drink

All you need are coconut pieces, lychees (tinned or fresh), ice cubes, lychee can juice and coconut water. Blitz all these together in a blender. Add sugar or lime according to your liking. Adjust the consistency also and you have a drink that’s unlike any other.

lychee juice recipes delicious
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2. Lychee and Mint Juice

For this refreshing lychee juice, you will need lychees, a handful of fresh mint, half a lemon, lime, sugar and ice. You know the drill! Add them all together in a blender and leave some mint aside for garnishing. You will be left with a refreshing summer drink unlike any other.

lychee juice recipes delicious
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3. Thai Chili Lemonade with Lychee

This is a drink that is sure to impress everyone. It’s unusual, bursting with flavour and oh so refreshing. For this, you need lychees (peeled and seeded), lemons, lychee canned juice, sugar. In addition to that, some salt, Thai chillies, cold water and ice. Blitz everything together minus chillies. Once done and poured in cups, keep the chilli soaked in there. Enjoy fresh and cold!

lychee juice recipes delicious
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4. Lychee and Ginger Cooler

This one is for ginger lovers. Take ginger slices, fresh basil leaves, sugar, water, lychees and fresh lemon juice. Plus, lots and lots of ice. Add all of these to a blender and blend until you no longer see any ginger chunks. Serve with basil leaves garnished on top and enjoy!

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5. Lychee Lemonade

Lychee lemonade is a drink full of lychee flavour but balanced with tangy. It’s a sweet and tangy drink that’s going to simply absorb the heat and refresh you. You need lychees, cold water, lemons, sugar, mint leaves and ice. Blitz them all together and enjoy on a hot summer afternoon.

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6. Plain and Original Lychee Juice

Though we have given you ideas for many crazy lychee juices, some also like their stuff without any fuss. If you’re one of those, try the OG lychee juice: the plain lychee juice. 

lychee juice recipes delicious
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You need only lychees, cold water and plain syrup. Note you have more lychees than water to make the consistency more towards the thicker side. Simple syrup is made by adding equal amounts of sugar and water and letting it boil. Add all these to a blender and voila!

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