6 Brands That Proved Innovation During Pandemic Is Possible
Image Source: YouTube

Just a few weeks into the worldwide lockdown that has left several people unable to leave the four walls of their homes, the idea of being able to organize and shoot a commercial anywhere in the world feels alien.

In fact, for the first time in history, brands are unable to just call upon a sun-drenched landscape of a city bustling with life to aid them in selling the idea of their product. Now, during the pandemic – art sits far closer to home.

With shoots suspended or postponed for the foreseeable future, it’s challenging for brands to come up with creative ways to communicate their message.

However, some brands were able to hit the right chords even in the lockdown. Have a look:

1. Apple 


Apple’s ‘Creativity Goes On’ is one of the most innovative and straightforward ads that we have discovered.

This commercial exhibited the U.S. during coronavirus lockdown. It shows how people are using Apple’s products to create innovative things. At the end of the ad, there’s a positive message stating, “you can still be creative.”

2. Burger King 


Burger King is one of the few advertisers to strike the right tone during this pandemic. The rich food chain encouraged people to stay at home, watch TV, and have Burger King from the ease of their couch and be a responsible citizen.

3. Uber 


A perfect ad is the one that gets the message across with minimal work. Uber’s “Thank You For Not Riding” has proved the point of excellent advertising. The unique ad thanking consumers and not using their services and staying home is quite innovative. Uber also provided a heartfelt message that reflected well on the brand.



As the world adapts to the recent normal of life under lockdown, Ikea developed an ad celebrating what people can achieve by spending more time sitting at home. The ad focuses on enjoying little things like pets, cooking, playtime with children, etc.

5. Cadbury


While lockdown has put all outdoor activities on a pause, Cadbury, along with VCCP, commenced their latest campaign encouraging how different acts of kindness that are bringing people close to each other, should not cease after the lockdown ends.

6. Dove 


Dove made a massive statement with its latest ad campaign – and it all came together awfully quickly. Dove focused on thanking the front-line health care workers. The brand is also donating to Direct Relief as part of the effort.

The above brands have managed to strike the right chord with their top-notch advertising skills and proved that creativity isn’t limited to significant investments.

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