American woman comes to marry Pakistani
Image Source: Twitter

How can political ties ever stand in the way of the United States of America and Pakistan when its nationals can’t help falling in love with each other? That’s right! A 55-year-old American woman was head over heels for a Pakistani man, and she didn’t hold back.

A Love Story For The Ages

Elizabeth Mendez and Shahzad Ahmad Khan had been friends on Facebook for over a year. While information is not given on who approached who or why (virtually), did Shahzad randomly send this woman a friend request? After all, that’s what Pakistani men are known for!

Regardless, Shahzad lucked out because Elizabeth did not want to let nationalities get in the way. She traveled to Pakistan to meet and marry her beau. It’s also amazing how Elizabeth had made up her mind on Shahzad despite ever having met him.

She Converted!

It has been announced that Elizabeth converted to Islam in the local mosque of Shahzad’s residency. Her new name is also Maryam Shahzad. Now the happy couple awaits the day of their nikkah so they can start their life together.

See Them Together Here


Breaking Barriers

The video is equal parts funny and adorable. They both look shy, but Shahzad’s face is lit with shock and amazement as well. Don’t miss the toothy smiles, any wider smiles, and they’d be seen in Colgate soon enough! 

No talk has been done on whether Shahzad’s or Elizabeth’s family had any reservations with the other person. A mixed-race marriage is impressive, and all but locals in Pakistan rarely accept an American as a daughter-in-law or son-in-law for a wedding!

What’s more, is how incredible it is that they were able to sustain contact throughout an entire year. Language differences, time differences, values, lifestyle are all differences that one accounts for in a relationship. With Shahzad and Elizabeth (or shall we say Maryam), all these differences were put aside, and only the heart was listened to.

Future Speculations

This story has gone viral already, and in Pakistan, most things that go viral are applied by one or two people at least. Now we’re afraid of the influx of requests American or British women might get from Pakistani men looking for wives or friendship!

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