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Moved to a new country? Want to learn a new language? Let’s just say learning a new language is no piece of cake. It requires dedication and effort.

I haven’t tried learning a new language on my own. However, my degree required me to take a language course, either Italian or Arabic.

Italian seemed a little difficult choice as it sounded intimidating, so I opted for Arabic. During learning Arabic, I gathered some experience that can help you learn a new language.

Here are five ways you can quickly learn a new language, in my opinion.

1- Practice 

I don’t know how much I can emphasize this point, but practice makes you perfect. I enjoyed taking classes and putting everything I learned during 60 minutes on my notepad.

After going home, I would practice what I learned the very same day so it would be easier for me right before my mid-terms and believe it or not, my score did improve after practicing a couple of times.

2- Ask for Help From a Person Who Knows The Language 

Good thing, I took up the course in summer when a cousin was visiting. Much to my surprise, the 15-year-old was fluent in the language as Islamic schools abroad offered the course.

She gave me one on one sessions every time I was back from the class, which helped me tremendously. You can find language buddies on so many social media forums and practice with them.

3- Tv Shows, Movies, Newspaper are an excellent way to begin 

I remember vividly watching a flight attendant’s vlog on YouTube, where she said she watched all the series of Harry Porter over and over again to polish her skills.

Watch tv shows/movies in the language you’re trying to learn, maybe pick a newspaper and read. This approach can help you understand sentence formation in the respective language.

4- Learn a new word, make a sentence

This came to me as no surprise. I remember doing that as a child when I was learning English.

As soon as I finished learning a new word, I would try to use it in a sentence to enhance my vocabulary and train my mind.

5- 100 Basic Words 

There are many books available online and in the market that comprises of 100 essential words. Keep the book with you at all times; read it whenever you can.

This will help you much at the beginning of your journey to learn a new language.

Pro Tip: Missing a single day means wasting a few hours of your time. It takes a great effort to learn a new language and years to master it.

Let us know which of the tricks and tips have helped you learn a new language.

The above information is based on personal experience and not facts that have been verified by an official body.