toxic relationship
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To have a healthy life, have healthy relationships. Now, it does not only have to mean romantic ones. It also means that you should have healthy relationships with your parents, siblings, and friends. But yes, our focus will be on romantic relationships. So if you are caught in a toxic relationship, would you even know because, at most times, the people do not even realize they are poisonous or are being subjected to toxicity.

So here are some ways that can serve as identifiers if you want to know you are in a toxic relationship or not.

1. Micro-Management

Well, this concept in itself should not exist in a relationship because relationships are about trust. They demand the people in them to respect the other person. They are not beneath you, you know. The moment you come to understand this, the easier it becomes for you not to be toxic. But since we are telling you the signs, here are a few examples: asking ‘every detail about how you spent your day,’ ‘who you met and why,’ ‘who you talked with.’

2. Extreme careful

Careful is good. But when you start walking on eggshells, warning! So what I mean by eggshells is that you think and rethink and think a little bit more about how your partner will feel if you decide to go shopping with your partners before discussing it with him/her. In easy words, when you try not to be you in front of the other person, that is the sign.

toxic relationship
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3. Did you stop meeting someone?

This is a critical identifier. Go back to when before you met this partner of yours. Remember all your social circles, your friends, your cousins, etc. Did you lose touch with anyone because your partner indicated they don’t like that person? I am not saying that just because of that, they are toxic, no. What I am saying is that you saw that your partner would get harsh when around that person. And yet, when you cut off contact with your friend, they became sweet once again. All that matters!

4. That little hope

You like someone. You are in a relationship with the. Some things they do, they don’t sit well with you. And you keep telling yourself, ‘Oh but, s(he) can change,’ ‘s(he) will change.’ NO.

They won’t. And this, right there, is toxic. Stop doing this to yourself. That person will not change. At least not without professional help. If you want to continue, then get them to consult a psychologist.

5. How do you look like?

Did your appearance, outlook, wardrobe change? Did you change it because it didn’t suit your partner’s taste? You may ask that this does not sound so wrong. True. It may not sound that toxic at first glance. But it is these small things that make up your personality. And if you start changing you, that’s plain toxic.

toxic relationship
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Its time to be happy, my friends. Gone are the days when you would stay together with your toxic companions because you kept thinking maybe it’s not toxicity.

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