Storage space and cars
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When it comes to cars, there are quite a few categories under which they can be put. There are Sedans and then there are hatchbacks, with SUVs and Crossovers also being a part of this domain. However, there are also vehicles that have a storage application, that many people prefer to buy. People who travel a lot or their commute involves a lot of cargo, prefer to have these utility vehicles.

They are present in each brand and they provide good fuel efficiency as well as storage space. They may not be the fastest vehicles out there, but they can certainly carry levels more than your standard sedan or hatchback, even SUVs. Let us take a look at these cars.

1. Nissan Clipper

This is one of the most successful vehicles in the utility domain. It is able to carry an immense amount of cargo and not break down while carrying it. People have made cross-country trips in the vehicle and it has barely needed a break in between. Equipped with a 660cc engine, this car is sure to surprise you with its capabilities.

2. Mazda Scrum for Storage

Mazda Scrum is an underrated and lesser known vehicle when it comes to a storage application. Its build quality lets it move across potholes and broken roads while carrying cargo. Not only does it offer massive storage space, but it also provides a lot of comfort to the driver. It is definitely worth a glance when looking for utility vehicles.

3. Daihatsu Atrai Wagon

This is yet another vehicle that is known for its storage capacity. While it may be comparatively new to the market, it certainly holds its own quite well on the road. It, too, is equipped with a 660cc engine that can handle quite a lot of load as well as provide comfort and adequate air conditioning.

4. Suzuki Bolan for Storage

How can we talk about storage capacity of vehicles and leave out the best of them all. This is a household name when it comes to carrying goods. It is available in an affordable range and has been present in Pakistan for decades now. You can easily find one to your liking and the good fuel efficiency lets you drive them for years to come.

5. Toyota Hijet

Of course, where there is Toyota, there is reliability present in all areas of the vehicle. The Hijet is a durable car that can carry quite a lot of load and not ever feel a strain on itself. It is also equipped with a 660cc engine which is a low maintenance engine and has the capacity to carry a lot of load.

These vehicles are sure to keep your luggage or boxes stacked up without any load on the vehicle itself.

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