Since the time of the second World war, technology has come quite a substantial distance. Alan Turing made the first computer as a way to break and decipher the German enigma. So, in essence, it made the deciphering easier. That is why humans tend to be innovative and create.

They want to make an easier environment for themselves to survive in. Long gone are the days when hunting was done on a daily basis and life expectancy was day to day. So, when gadgets came into being, electronic ones, they were also made to make life easier. Let us look at some of the gadgets that have helped in improving health.

Health improving gadgets
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1. Heart Rate Monitors

Smartwatches these days come with an enormous plethora of features. They can track your calories as well as how many steps you’ve taken throughout the length of the day. Similarly, there are devices now known as heart rate monitors. They are given a standard value between which the average heart rate is supposed to stay in. Too much of a drop or rise can give warning signals to the intended person to seek medical care.

These gadgets can be equipped in smartwatches, smartphones and even as standalone products. If you feel like your heart is beating with irregularities, this gadget can help you track it. Definitely, a product that has helped in improving health.

Gadgets for improving health
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2. Sugar Test Apparatus

There are many hereditary diseases in a lot of families. One of them is diabetes. Whether it is from the maternal or paternal side, it can carry on through generations. This means that every family member, who has been diagnosed, has to keep a constant check on those sugar levels. Too high and it’s extremely dangerous. If they drop too low, the person can go unconscious and drop into a coma.

The sugar Test Apparatus allows the gadget to test one’s sugar levels just by the pinprick on a finger. After the prick, the blood drop is tested in the gadget and displays accurate results.

Sugar rate health
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3. Air Humidifier

Often many locations in Pakistan can be extremely dry. They are so dry that it is more dangerous to drink a lot of water than drink small amounts with pauses. Doing so reduces the risk of heatstroke.

A humidifier produces humidity in the air, more moisture. This is particularly useful in extremely dry locations. With the introduction of this gadget, the effects of heat on the human body are substantially reduced.

4. Water Purifier

Here in Karachi, it is common knowledge that rainy weather brings a lot of problems. Urban flooding is an issue as well as widespread blackouts. If your ground tank water gets mixed with sewerage or rainwater, this gadget can be useful at home.

Simply gather the cup or kettle full of water and the gadget uses UV Rays to kill the germs in the water. It can also be used as a survival tool if you’re outside in the wild and come upon a stream.

Water Purifier health
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5. EEG Headband

Now, this is a device that directly impacts your mental and physical health. Wearing it will constantly monitor your neural activity while meditating. In accordance with how much stress you’re under, you can try meditation techniques.

There are many more gadgets that have been invented for the purpose of improving health. These were just a handful of them.

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