lunar eclipse
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Moon itself doesn’t have light. Basic science in 6th grade would have taught you that. The light you see from the moon is one that it reflects from the sun. But when the Sun, the Earth, and the moon become perfectly aligned and in this only sequence, the earth obstructs the light from reaching the moon. This is what you call a lunar eclipse. If the sun is completely shadowed, it looks red, making people call it a blood moon.

Of course, if you are a The Originals fan, you wouldn’t need all this rambling. You would know how Vincent Griffith would use the blood moon to perform magic against vampires and werewolves. And on the blood moon, the streets of New Orleans would be all empty. But did you know, it is not just the Vampire Diaries world that believes in the blood moon or lunar eclipse superstitions?

We do too!

Today, we will be listing down five of the superstitions associated with the blood moon.

1. Curse on the unborn

A pregnant lady should not walk the streets during a lunar eclipse. They say the red moon can place a curse on the unborn child.

Lunar Eclipse
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2. Injury reflects on the unborn child

During the period when the moon is eclipsing, pregnant ladies are told to stay away from sharp objects. If you get cut during this time when the baby is born he/she will have the mark of the injury on that very spot.

3. Bleed for a longer time

While pregnant ladies are supposed to practice extra caution, others have to be wary as well. Anyone who gets hurt or cuts themselves in this time bleeds longer than if they had gotten cut some other time.

Lunar Eclipse
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4. Moon is in trouble

Moon, is said to be in trouble. They say that the moon is undergoing problems which is why it does not get access to sunlight. Some other cultures believe that it is the time when the Jaguar attacks the moon and is planning to attack the earth next. People of that culture make their dogs howl to show the jaguar it is protected and hence, drive it away.

5. The eye 

No, it is not about Illuminati.

The superstition dictates that when the moon eclipses, a person should not look at it directly; sort of like Nagini. But while staring at Nagini would kill, staring at an eclipsing moon affects eyesight.

Lunar Eclipse
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If you don’t Nagini, you need to start reading Harry Potter.

These are a few superstitions we came across. If you have more to share, we are all ears. Or rather, eyes!

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