Resident Evil 4 and Horror games 2023
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When it comes to gaming, there are quite a lot of genres to play with. There are fans of action-adventure games as well as racing games. One of the genres that stands out quite well out of all of these is Survival Horror. Not only do games of this genre make you manage resources, but even ask you to proceed with caution.

There have been quite a lot of interesting survival horror games till now and we are here to talk about some of the best ones. They have been released throughout the years and have created a lot of hype for their fans. Let us take a look!

1. Resident Evil 4 Remake

We cannot talk about survival horror games and leave out the best franchise for the genre. Resident Evil has been one of the longest-running survival horror series with many installments. This particular one is a remake of the 2005 game, with new stunning visuals, a immersive survival horror element and a polished feel to it.

2. The Horror of Dead Space

Dead Space has always been a game that stands out for fans of survival horror. Set in the eerie silence of space, it puts us in the hands of Engineer Isaac Clarke, sent to receive a distress call from a ship. What follows is a plethora of resource management, horror encounters and extreme survival!

3. Dead Island 2

The much awaited sequel to the 2011 survival horror, this game pushes you to manage your inventory and survive. The zombie generation can be random and there are a wide variety to fight with. You can craft innovative tools and carry all kinds of weapons with you. Do check it out for your Playstation 5!

4. The Callisto Protocol – Survival Horror

Here is another game that has been inspired by Dead Space. It follows a similar theme, but has us in the shoes of a wrongfully imprisoned person. Tensions rise as the prison he is in suffers a parasitic attack, turning almost all residents into mutants.

5. Upcoming: Alone in the Dark Remake

This was one of the most enjoyed and played games of its time. It’s a detective game which lies under the survival horror genre. You are sent to investigate a case with paranormal activity within it. Walk through stages and levels of high-tension situations and atmospheric scenarios.

These are just some of the best Survival horror games already released or coming to the Playstation 5 soon.

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