smartphone care and long running
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Just like your car, your smartphone also has a limited life. However, that life can be elongated if it is cared for. If you take good care of your smartphone and protect it from the elements and other damage, it is sure to give you years.

Even though smartphones are released every month with newer features and better qualities, you might still want yours to last longer. Who wants to spend on a new phone after every few months? That said, let us tell you about the tips that can make your phone last for years!

1. Use Appropriate Protectors

When using a smartphone, it can be prone to falls or damages. Make sure to use glass protectors for the screen and back protectors for the entire phone itself. You don’t want the screen of the phone to shatter, crack or develop dead pixels on it. That can be quite a nuisance.

2. Charge it Timely

It is always recommended to charge your phone when the battery is not completely depleted. It takes more effort for the battery to charge from zero than from a percentage. Additionally, newer phones can stay plugged in even when full charged but that does not mean you forget to take it off for hours. Timely battery charging gives it a long life.

3. Use Quality Chargers and Cables

If you tend to keep your phone charged on a cheap cable or a charger, then it might damage your phone’s battery over time. Low-quality cables can even get heated up with prolonged charging, and they can even catch fire too. Additionally, cables with cheap quality connectors can damage the charging jack of your phone too.

4. Keep The Smartphone Clutter-free

The more the storage you fill in your smartphone, the more it uses its computing power. If you are operating a phone with a storage filled more than 90%, it is going to slow down with time. Not only that, but when you do clear the space, it will stay slowed down. If you want to make sure your phone runs longer, always keep adequate storage in it.

5. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Living in Karachi can be quite taxing for the smartphone itself. You might not always want to take it out of your pocket on hot days. Avoid elongated use on bright and heat-filled days and look for shade to use when you can. Even the brightness is increased to the fullest when using in sunlight so that puts a strain on the phone too.

Heeding to these tips can certainly help keep your smartphone on you for years to come.

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