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Are you starting your own business? Are you looking for a creative logo design? Do you know that your logo is essential as well? I would say it is as important as your product. Your product solves a question, a problem, for your consumers. However, how do you think the consumers remember your brand? By none other than the brand logo. Hence, you need to ensure that your logo imprints itself in the consumers’ minds that whenever they think of a product, instead of a competitor’s brand, the top-of-mind effect leads them directly to you. These are five tips for a creative logo design that you should hence keep in mind when creating the logo.

1. Keep in mind the brand personality

Every brand out there in the world has a bunch of features that are usually associated with humans. These features which make every brand unique in their way are collectively known as the brand’s personality. The brand personality enables the consumer to relate to it. Now to simplify this, think of your brand as a human, what do you think are the attributes that make up its personality? Thinking about it this way will allow you to realize the personality of your brand. The brand personality has to be relatable as well as memorable so that the consumer has no choice but to remember your brand. If you can fully understand the personality of your brand, designing an effective logo for it will be effortless after that.

2. Start with a paper and pencil

Designing a logo is not just about the art of it, you have to list down several points;

  • what makes your company,
  • what is it known for or what will it be known for,
  • what will it provide for its consumers?

To start, only the best thing would be to grab a paper and pencil to sketch out your ideas. You must sketch every thought in your mind regarding your logo. If there is any symbol, sign, or mark that represents your company, PUT THEM ON PAPER. After that, choose a suitable application or software and start designing your logo.

creative logo design
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3. Choose colors wisely

 Colors have always pulled out strong reactions from the public if used appropriately. Here, the brand personality also comes into play. For instance, a product that has to shout would go for a red color. A pleasant personality product would probably go for sky-blue. It highlights the emotion of the outcome of the brand and the company. Another example to understand this would be choosing blue for travel businesses, yellow for eCommerce stores, red for food and beverage. So aside from emotions, colors also signify the type of industry, a product is aiming for. Choose colors WISELY!

4. Make it adaptive

A responsive logo is a new concept in the digital world. It can effortlessly join with any design with no complications, by entering, I mean, on a social media platform, on a website or, on the old school choice, the business card. The responsive logo would be able to look good anywhere. It makes it so that your logo is a constant in any background. Once your logo is complete, experiment with various backdrops and mediums. Try using the logo in different sizes as well. Most importantly, keep the logo as a vector file for the future when you need to apply for any other way.

5. Keep It Simple

Keep it simple and stupid. Okay, that came out wrong. The point is, keep the logo simple. Making it overly complicated would make it hard to remember. And a human mind would not retain that subconsciously. I say this because some people want to add aspects of the logo just to complicate it. Don’t you believe me? Look at some of the biggest brands known all over the world. Apple, Nike, Google, see how simple they kept it? Exercise minimalist art, the best tip ever.

creative logo design
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These are five tips for a creative logo design that you need to employ when making your logo for the startup. Once you put a check on all of these, you are all set to take over the world with your fantastic logo.

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