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Cars are a symbol of many different things. Some represent status and eliteness, while some are just for transport purposes. But, who doesn’t want to own a car that can give you comfort, luxurious experiences and comes equipped with a number of features? Right?

Cars nowadays are offering their drivers a number of features that did not exist until just a year or so ago. One such experience automotive manufacturers are working on introducing completely autonomous cars.

However, over the years, through different channels and experiments, we have heard many different things in regards to self-driving cars. At first, it seemed almost impossible, but then, there was hope. However, we still have a long way to go until we can (if we can that is) master the technology.

Until then, here’s a list of 5 things you should know about self-driving cars

5 Things You Should Know About Self-Driving Cars!

1. Self Driving Cars Is A Hot Topic Since The 1930s!

 1938 Concept Car
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It might be a little hard to wrap your head around the fact that the concept of autonomous cars came from the 30s, but it’s true. In the 1939 World’s Fair in New York, driverless technology was presented. Though it was not perfected at the time, experts had believed that this technology would be implemented by 1960.

However, even in the 2000s, no automotive manufacturer was able to successfully implement this tech without having problems. These include accidents and failures. However, tech companies and automotive giants are both keen on turning the idea into reality.

2. Some Vehicles Now Come Equipped With Autonomous Features

Yes, driverless cars may not have been perfect yet, but that doesn’t mean some of these features can’t be enjoyed while a human driver is in the seat. More automotive manufacturers have started to use this technology in their cars for GPS, sensors, radar, and more.

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3. Autonomous Tech Isn’t Restricted To Cars

Why should cars have all the fun? GPS and sensor technology is being applied to tractors, mining trucks, cargo trucks, and more!

4. Google Has More Than 50 Self Driving Cars On The Roads

Google self-driving cars

Google, although we have heard many stories of many of them crashing and burning, has achieved a milestone. the tech titan has more than 5 autonomous cars already on the roads. These cars include 22 Lexus SUVs, which are fully equipped with autonomous technology, and also 33 smaller self-driving prototypes.

5. Most Accidents Involving Driverless Cars Are Due To Human Fault

We all have heard many stories where a self-driving car has met an accident or has met with some sort of bad incident. But, what many people don’t know is that majority of these accidents were actually caused by human error.

In fact, Google’s first driverless car accident occurred because of a driver who rear-ended the driverless one! But yes, you can’t deny the fact that they are not completely safe, not yet anyway. On March 17, 2018, one of Uber’s driverless cars struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona, so there’s that!

We have yet to see what the future holds for self-driving cars until then, stay tuned to Brandsynario.

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