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A zoom meeting is the new normal. Ever since lockdowns began and self-imposed quarantine became a thing, schools, offices, family get-togethers all shifted online. As a result, overnight the video communication platform, Zoom gained popularity. Even though we’re all adjusting, you’re likely making a few common and embarrassing mistakes. Keep reading to know what to NOT do on your next zoom call!

Zoom meeting layout
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1. Your Background Is Distracting

Having a distracting background is a big no! Most people sit in front of a beautiful painting, thinking it’ll look great. Or, they sit in a crowded room where people are always passing back and forth in the background. These are mistakes that you should not be making. Being online is distracting enough on its own; don’t add another distraction.

Your background should be plain and reasonable while the room you sit in must be quiet and empty.

2. You’re Not Muting Yourself

The other people in the call don’t need to hear you coughing, sneezing (yikes!), yawning, or your phone ringing. When you’re not speaking on the call, mute yourself. Muting your microphone has several benefits that will improve your image. For one, it will enhance the quality of the request as the other person speaking will sound more transparent. Secondly, it’s more professional this way!

3. You’re Not Looking Tidy

Just as you would not usually leave your house looking unkempt, don’t attend meetings like that. We hear you; no one randomly dresses up in quarantine, but making a 5-minute effort can be great for you. As the memes suggest, simply change your shirt only, fix your hair, and look lively. Looking unkempt or tired can give the impression that you’re uninterested, which is not a good look.

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4. You’re Speaking Too Much Or Out Of Turn

A zoom meeting can be tricky because you don’t have the luxury of judging body language. In-person, you can tell when someone wants to speak, or they can signal. As a result, you may either continue speaking, or you can think that you need to talk more to make your case. Neither of these is a good option.

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Make sure to use the ‘Raise Hand’ feature in Zoom so the leader can effectively select who should speak. Other than that, speaking concisely on a video call is more important than in person. No one has extra time, they’re already distracted, and even wifi can be disrupted. Stick to the point and don’t beat around the bush.

5. Your Attention Is Divided

Zoom meetings require your undivided attention. Why? Because whoever is speaking to you must know that they’re not wasting their energy and time. If you’re casually eating, drinking, or smoking or checking your phone, then it gives off a wrong impression. Unlike in-person meetings, in a zoom window, you can see everyone at once. And since only your face is in view, whenever you’re doing any of these things, it has a more significant impact. Be mindful!

Have you been making these mistakes? Let us know in the comments below!

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