5 Healthy & Yummy Alternatives To French Fries
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Food is an art, and a foodie is an artist. One cannot just up and say, ‘they are foodies.’ It can only happen after a proper diagnosis. And we are here to do just that. Here are a few things, or more like a checklist, to see if you are a true foodie or not. If you don’t check on even one of these, well, my friend, I am sorry, but this just isn’t you.

1. Always Hungry

You had Biryani, and you are hungry at 1:30 pm. You had Biryani at 1 pm. This should be reasonably explanatory of how hungry you are all the time. And it is just in your mind, of course. Your stomach has not yet processed the food, but your mind is already telling you that you are hungry. There is no winning against the mind, I tell you.

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2. You Think About It Always

Even when you are not hungry, which will be half an hour from when you last had food, you are thinking about it. You think about so much that in the morning, you keep thinking about the menu for dinner. And yet, when you get to order it, it will still take you some time to finally get to a decision. But it is always fun to do that, thinking about what you can eat.

3. You keep watching and re-watching Food videos

Watching and re-watching food videos and never getting tired of it is another indication that you are a foodie. In fact, at times, even you know that you will not be trying it at home. Yet you will still watch the whole preparation of the recipe and the execution of it. And so Masterchef was possibly the perfect video watching activity for all foodies out there.

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4. Your social media feed is full of food

You may not realize it, but your social media feed is full of food images or videos. The algorithm picks on it, you know. When it sees your interest, it shows you what you want to see. So go through your Insta and Facebook feed. If it is full of food, you are a foodie.

5. Where does your salary go? Food

You are always complaining about a low salary because you think you are unable to buy anything. But in reality, you are spending around 80% of it on pay; fancy food, junk food, roadside food, etc. How will you ever have enough money for other utilities?

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And all this will seem that there is nothing wrong with it. This is the sixth and most important part. If you agree with this as well, you are a true, certified foodie, my friend.

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