Parents must not do
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There are plenty of lists talking about what parents should be doing all the time. Have you ever read a list that tells you what NOT to do? This is it!

1. Don’t Speak For Them

It’s something we all have seen or experienced. Often starts with those happy moments when a small kid is asked, “Oh, what is your name?” and the parents respond, “It’s Ali.” 

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However, this habit must end once the child learns to speak. Otherwise, they lose confidence and always expect a parent to speak. 

2. Don’t Be Too Close of A Friend 

Today, many parents try to go for the “I’m your friend” perspective so that their kids never feel alone at home.  They also never want their kids to have secrets. However, being too close to a friend can often do more bad than good. A parent must always be a bit above than a friend, someone to respect mostly. 

things parents should not do
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However, parents have a different role: they care about us and love us. There is no need to try to be very close friends. Let kids look for their own friends among people their own age. 

3. Don’t Count Their Money 

Counting a child’s money can really tamper with the trust they have in you. If they ever get Eidi or pocket money or birthday money, give it to them. Or better yet, gain their confidence and tell them that you will be keeping it safe for them. 

Don’t count their money in front of them; it leaves your child distrusting you!

4. Don’t Give In To Want, Only The Needs

When kids are young, they can be very fussy about “wanting” things. Things that can unhealthy, expensive, and overall, bad for them and their homes. At this stage, it is important to set the distinction between what they “Want” and what they “need.”

things parents should not do
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4. Don’t Help Too Much

2- and 3-year-old children can already put on and take off different clothes by themselves, wash cups, and put dirty clothes in the washing machine. More than that, at this age, children really want to do it by themselves.

things parents should not do
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Most parents coddle their children too much to the extent that they never let them get into the habit of doing things themselves. “He can’t do it!” is heard a lot, especially in desi households. However, this is a toxic habit that parents need to let go of.

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