There have been several speculations clouding the new iPhone launch. The preceding weekend from the launch which is today, journalists and some developers got their hands on the leaked version of iOS 11, Apple’s latest operating system and they were able to disperse some of the confusion of the antsy audience.

Here are the 5 Things that We’re Looking Forward to:

1. It’s Going to be Three iPhones 

Looks like apple is sticking to the lucky number 3; launching three phones which will be iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

2. Facial Recognition is Finally Here!

After launching their Touch ID, iPhone has progressed leaps and bounds and has developed a software sophisticated enough to support facial recognition and detect facial expressions to unlock the iPhone. A ‘Homewood’ leak earlier in August confirmed that this will be a feature of the iPhone X.

3. Pay Through your Face ID 

The new iPhone will let people pay through facial recognition. People are hesitant and bidding farewell to the touch ID, but if the rumors are true then Apple might be ditching the Touch ID completely. A feature that accompanies the Face ID, is you can make payments through it.

4- Animojis are Coming! 

The new iPhone is also updating the emojis and boy are we happy?!

 ios 11 gm GIF

It has “custom animated messages that use your voice and reflect your facial expressions.”

And these are the expressions the feature can detect.

Well, the Poo Emoji is extremely important. It is essential!

5. LTE for Apple Watch

The new Apple watch might not be dependent on the iPhone anymore. The iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith found pictures in the code of not only the watch itself, but also a status screen showing a cellular strength gauge. (It doesn’t technically say LTE, you might note.)

Tonight’s event, will finally lift the curtain in the mysteries of the new iPhone and confirm (or deny) the speculations that are flooding the Internet.

Stay tuned to Brandsynario for more details.