5 Things iPhone Can Do And Android Can't
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The war that rages on between Apple and Samsung has been a long standing one. It continues throughout various products and services. Be it earphones or smartphones, the battle is fierce. There is no clear Victor overall in this war but there are separate battles.

There are always points on each side that triumph over the other one. When it comes to iPhone and Android, the scars deepen and the field gets darker. Today, we explore what it is that iPhones can do that Android cannot. What gives iPhone the edge?

War between iPhone and Android
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1. Airdrop:

This is one of the most prime sharing features of iPhones. It allows iPhone users to share files in an instant. There is a specific amount of storage that comes with every iPhone. Be it video files, photos or music, Airdrop is the prime sharing tool for iPhones.

Android smartphones have no such feature and their battle here is a losing one! iPhone takes the cake on this front over Android.

iPhones over Android
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2. Password Sharing:

Imagine you are at a guest’s house or vice versa. It takes an awful lot of time to get the password numbers and alphabets right. Often times, the whole password is correct but you don’t remember the last alphabet. iPhone password sharing eliminates that entire factor.

Simple bring your iPhone near to the other iPhone user. Then, a prompt will be sent to the second person to accept a request. Upon accepting, the password will be displayed and the second iPhone can be connected.

3. Offload:

It is remarkable how iPhones are able to work without ever hanging. Even with 1-2GB ram, the phones can handle a substantial amount of processes. There are mainly two reasons for this. The first is that iPhones use Risc Architecture where Android uses Cisc Architecture. The reduced version allows the phone for greater operation but with simplicity.

Secondly, the offload feature of the iPhone keeps it from getting cluttered or over heating. It is a process that quietly runs in the background and keeps clearing or removing unnecessary files. Even when the phone is in use, it’s running without the user Knowing. Take that Android!

4. Old to New iPhones:

It can often be a huge hassle when you get a new device and have to transfer from the old one. Many times a lot of data is lost. Sometimes photos are misplaced or contacts are left behind. There are so many issues in transfer that it often leaves users scratching their heads.

iPhone has this particular feature where it allows seconds for data to transfer. This particular feature is not entirely Integrated in Android phones and is slower than IOS.

5. iMessage:

This particular iPhone feature is like blackberry. Blackberry used to have its most robust feature called BBM. It was the blackberry messenger that made the company what it was. iPhone’s iMessage offers a variant form of messaging on it. This means that you can access your texts and messages on every device you own. Provided that the device is an apple product.

Iphone and Android war
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So, the next time you wish to answer from your iPad because the phone is on charge, feel free to do so. Android, however, holds no similar feature. If you texted from the phone, you are bound to use the phone to access the texts every time.

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