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Saba Qamar’s breakup has taken up quite a huge space in the entertainment news. For the past two weeks, it was rumored that she was in a relationship. But then almost suddenly they broke up.

Saba Qamar’s breakup scandal

When Saba said ‘qubool hai’ to Azeem Khan in comments and when Saba hinted that she has Azeem’s bracelet, people were forced to ask if they were dating. What started as a mere reply to a probably fun comment turned into a full-fledged romantic relationship. Saba confirmed it when a major publication approached her saying she will marry him. But two three days before her music video was to release, she announced on social media that the wedding was off.

Since then, there have been major speculations about what this was. So here we have listed down some of those speculations.

1. Publicity stunt

One speculation was that this was a publicity stunt by Saba. Do we really think that someone who has millions of followers, and someone who played the Qandeel character would stoop to such a tactic out of the blue? No.

2. Making Axeem more famous

Another speculation that emerged was that this fiasco happened to make Azeem more famous. This actually seems possible. Earlier, the man had slightly above 42 thousand followers. But now that Saba’s name gave him the exposure, his following has increased to more than 70 thousand. But why would Saba agree to this?

3. Fake Breakup 

The best one yet is that this is a fake breakup. Because of the huge backlash against Saba she was pushed to fake it. And because Saba had a project release coming up which could have hindered her reach, they faked a breakup to regain the lost fans.

4. Upcoming song – Chingariyan

Could this be a promotion tactic for the upcoming song?

So see Saba does not need publicity stunts for herself but when she had a project with Bilal Saeed named ‘Qubool Hai’ she did write qubool hai in comments on his post. So just like that, maybe for this upcoming project, she was going to do something similar but it blew out of proportion and they just couldn’t backtrack from it.

5. Could be a bet?

Or or or, could this be a bet?

I mean, we have seen from Azeem Khan’s insta posts that he is a meninist. And we have also heard Saba’s view; remember how Azeem responded to Saba’s video and even called her ‘Saba Baji’? So they must have made a bet. We do not know what they betted on but this could be a bet where they wanted to see how the public would react. If it is then I hope Saba won.

Bet or not, stunt or not, I just hope this wasn’t a fake breakup.

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