Songs by ISPR
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We live in a country that shares the most extensive borders with its arch-rival, India. While we may strive for better relations with it, it is no secret that Pakistan needs its forces to remain vigilant and strong. As our forces ensure our safety, we need to acknowledge their bravery and root for them. And how do you ensure that? By keeping the patriotism alight within us. These songs by ISPR do a really good job with that.

Here are a few songs by ISPR that we compiled:

1. Yeh Banday Mitti kay Banday | One Year of Zarb e Azb

This song starts with a little girl held prisoner by the Taliban. During the operation of Zarb e Azb, numerous soldiers put their lives on the line to save many innocent lives. This song paid tribute to the fighters who fought to make Pakistan safer from the inside.

2. Mere Dhol Sipahiya | Ayesha Omer and Shahzad Roy

Ayesha Omar teamed up with Shahzad Roy to make this ISPR song. And if it doesn’t touch your emotional strings, then I don’t know what will.

3. Kabhi Percham Mein Lipte Hain | Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam’s voice always sends you on a roller coaster ride. And when it is to represent the sacrifice of the forces people, then, well, you feel that sacrifice.

4. Har Ghari Tayyar Kamran | Defence and Martyrs’ Day Song – 2020

Once you become a part of the forces, you will always face what is coming towards Pakistan. You are prepared to face it head-on. This song represents the passion of the forces people and how to be it army, airforce, or navy, they are ready to be the avant-garde in front of the country.

5. Ye Ghazi Ye Tere Pur Asrar Banday | Junaid Jamshed 

Junaid Jamshed passed away some time ago, and so, his voice for the Pakistan army brings together much nostalgia for the viewer. With Iqbal’s words, Junaid Jamshed moves anyone who listens to it.

Have you listened to them? Did you feel goosebumps at the lyrics? If not at the lyrics, then at the music video. And if you are looking for some more feels, then you can listen to Jawad Ahmed’s ‘O Mere Yaar, Tu Mera Pyaar’. I promise you will be crying bucket loads.

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