ASMR Videos
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ASMR videos are the new hit. You will find several people doing them. And you will find several companies employing them in their marketing strategies as well. But while they are all the rage, there are some facts that you may not know, and they are sure very shocking. So we are listing them here. Have a look and see if you were aware of these facts or not.

1. The NAME

Number 1 we have its name. The long-form of ASMR is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Now let’s break it down—autonomous signals towards the ‘individualistic nature of triggers’ as the creator of ASMR quotes. While sensory and response are clear terms, ‘meridian’ is the shocking factor. The creator of the term said she wanted to add the word orgasm but in a polite way. Thus, she came up with the M in ASMR.

ASMR videos
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2. Not just about food

So you may have seen many ASMR videos right here in Pakistan where people try out desi foods or chips or biscuits, but here is the shocker. They are not JUST about food. You can do anything. The only point is that the sounds should be taped well. In fact, let me tell you about this one ASMR video I was watching. It was about a person slicing a perfectly good brand new lipstick. So while makeup lovers might get a heart attack, this was a perfect example of how diverse ASMRs can be.

3. Medicinal

Did you know they can help your health? Well, the research studied ASMR video effects. And they found out that they help calm your heart rate. In another study, 82% of the sample population said it helps them sleep while 98% found them a great relaxant.

Image Source: The Guardian

4. ASMR like(r) are different 

Neurological research on ASMR applied the fMRIs to study if the wiring of brains is different. And apparently, it is. People who like ASMRs have reduced functional creativity. But they had more connections in cortical regions. And as a result, they have better working memory.

5. The triggers

It’s not just about chewing. There is much more you can do, which tingles the audience. So let’s see what the common triggers in ASMRs are. Unpacking mails, the sound of a typewriter, the sound a scissor makes as it moves across on a cloth, etc.

So tell us, did you know about them? Did you find them shocking? Or were they not shocking at all?

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