Security cameras and the measures to take in Karachi
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No matter where you are living in Karachi, having security measures in place for your house is of utmost importance. Not only does it make a person feel safe in their home, it also makes their neighbors feel safe too. In Karachi, where street crime can be quite frequent at times, it is vital for a person to have all kinds of safety measures set up in their house. These can range from making use of technology or using some old-school methods to protect your home.

That said, let us take a look at some of the measures that you can easily set up in your home, be it in an apartment or a house. These measures are sure to keep assailants away and keep them on high alert that the owner of the house is on the lookout.

1. Security Camera

This is one of the easiest measures to install within and outside any home. Not only can be it concealed well from assailants, it can also be set up with night vision as well as storage for recordings. The higher your budget is, the more advanced features you can get in the camera itself.

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2. Barbed Wire

If you live in a house with empty plots on any side, then the barbed wire can be a good mechanism against assailants. It prevents anyone from climbing over the wall and getting inside. It also prevents people from putting up ladders against the wall since it can be quite difficult to jump a barbed wire.

barbed wire for the house
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3. Motion Detector Light

Many people keep a movement-sensitive light set up behind or on the sides of their house. If anyone is loitering about, the light senses the movement and turns out, straight in their face. It can be a good security measure to scare off any people who are not supposed to be near your house walls.

motion detector light and security
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4. Glass Piece Fixtures On Wall

Apart from the barbed fire, pieces of broken glass can also be fixed on top of each wall, or places on the outside of the wall as well. This way, if someone tries to crawl under the wire, through some tactic, they are met with sharp glass all over the top of the wall. It is a fool-proof method that is sure to keep the security level of your house high.

measures to keep in place like broken glass
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5. A Community Security Guard

Many times, people of a community pool money together and keep a security guard who keeps an eye on the entire street or building. This way, it is not too heavy on the pocket to keep a security guard, and you have a good security measure for your house as well. It also keeps the neighbors and their families safe.

a guard for the street and community
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Making use of these measures can keep you and your family members safe from potential threats for a long time.

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