5 Scary Facts That Will Give You Nightmares For Life
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Life can be full of weird and creepy experiences. Sometimes you get used to it, but sometimes it can give you nightmares for life. Here are some scary facts which can give absolute nightmares.

1. Dentures from the deceased

Dentures made in the laboratories for the elderly who have lost their teeth have a creepy ancient history. Back in the 1800s, people needed dentures for certain cases. At that time, there was no access to the technology or the equipment. Instead, dentures at the time were made out of the teeth of deceased people, which were stolen on battlefields or from the graveyards. The teeth were procured from the soldiers or executed criminals.

 5 Scary Facts That Will Give You Nightmares For Life
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2. Lock-In Syndrome 

Have you been in a state where you feel like you are wide awake but can not respond? Your body feels paralyzed, and you can not even move. The chances are you have experienced a lock-in syndrome. In lock-in syndrome, the cognitive ability is intact. However, a person can not speak or move. There is no coordination between breathing and speaking; hence, voluntary sounds can not be produced. This sounds like an absolute nightmare coming from someone who has experienced it.

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3. The Mysteries of The Human Head 

Most of the time, we see in horror movies or shows the head being decapitated. Sometimes we are grossed out, but the other times, we do not even flinch, but here is a creepy fact that will definitely stay in your mind the next time you are watching a human head being decapitated. The head tends to stay alive or remain conscious for 20 seconds after being cut off from the body. This is due to enough oxygen supply left in the brain as the brain is the driving force behind body functions.

 5 Scary Facts That Will Give You Nightmares For Life
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4. Survival of the fittest 

The curiosity of the human mind has no boundaries. This curiosity has led us to space and beyond. Difficult situations come with difficult survival tactics. Did you know that the astronauts have to drink their own sweat and urine due to the lack of water in space? And no, we are not joking about that! Astronauts like Scott Kelly had to survive on their own body fluids in space.

5. Shhhhhh……

Did you know that when a person dies, the sense of hearing is the last one to go? Neither did we! So next time, make sure not to say some weird stuff when sitting beside the body. Spending this time is scientifically proven to be effective because even if the dead body can not see or feel, it can still hear a lot of things you have to say.

 5 Scary Facts That Will Give You Nightmares For Life
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So, if you are getting creeps after reading this and the next time you have nightmares, think about all the beautiful things this world has to offer.

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