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It is always fun to be amongst a gathering of friends. After a long hard day or a hectic weekend, it can be refreshing to get together with friends. Then you may spend your time doing various activities. One of the most common ones is either binging a movie or a tv series episode. Friends often set up a local area network and play multiplayer games like a counter strike or mobile games like among us.

Additionally, if you are a fan of scary stuff, you might like driving into the paranormal and the supernatural. In light of this, we have a list here for you. This list contains games that you can play with friends or even try out alone, which involve the supernatural. These games are sure to keep you on edge while playing and weeks after you’ve played them!

Scariest games to play
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1. The Midnight Game

This is one of the most time dependant games on this list. If you’ve ever played ‘Slenderman’ on pc, you might get similar vibes from this one. What you do is write your full name on a piece of paper and place it underneath a burning candle in front of a door. At the stroke of midnight, get up and knock on the door 22 times.

You have now let the Midnight man into this world and will now be hinged for the next 3 and a half hours. You must roam around your dark house with a candle in hand till 3:33, which is the time the midnight man appears. If he is close by, your candle will burn out, and you must relight it quickly or else!

2. Bloody Mary

This is quite an old game when it comes to scary ones. This game is not time dependant, but it is quite interesting. You do enter the washroom and turn the lights out, save the candle in your hand. Then you write the name ‘Bloody Mary’ on the washroom mirror and turn your face. Say her name three times out loud, and she may appear.

If she is in a good mood, she may grant you one wish. However, if she is in a bad mood, you have more of a chance of being pulled in the mirror itself! This last point varies in versions. In some, she screams and disappears. Dare to try!

Scariest Games with friends
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3. Ouija Board

Now, this is a game around which a whole culture stands. It is known as the prime device for communication with the underworld. You sit around a table and summon the spirit using a specific set of chants, all found online, and hold hands. Then you and your friends place your hands on the cursor of the Ouija Board and ask questions.

Now, if a spirit really is present amongst all of you, the cursor will automatically be guided over alphabets on the board. It moves at a slow pace, and you may be able to note down what the spirit has said. It is important that if, during this entire sequence, a bone finger taps you on the shoulder, don’t turn around! Definitely one of the scariest games!

4. Triple Mirror Game

This game involves placing three mirrors at awkward angles. A candle is placed and lit in between, and three mirrors are placed around it. All three mirrors have to be placed in such a manner that they reflect the door of your choosing.

Once the mirrors are appropriately placed, you may be able to glance at roaming spirits around the room. Interestingly, the spirits only appear in the third mirror, sometimes even as flashes of light.

Games with friends scariest to play
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5. The Cup And The Closet

This scary game is similar to the Ouija Board, but it involves a string cup telephone. You write a particular question on a piece of paper and the name of the deceased person you’re trying to contact. Then make a paper cup and string telephone. One end goes in a shoebox, and the shoebox goes in the closet. The second end stays with you.

Somewhere between your sleep, you may have a sensation that feels like a phone ringing. Get up and put the cup to your ear. Either there is nothing on the other line, or there will be a voice answering your question. So either you get your answer, or you run!

These games are sure to send a chill down your spine should you dare to play them!

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