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A few renowned Pakistani stars have started their businesses after achieving success in the entertainment industry. Some of them went into fashion, while others initiated their own production houses. A few of Pakistani celebrities also started beauty parlours. In this article you will find 5 salons owned by famous Pakistani TV stars, but you probably did not know about them. Are you excited?

1. Rabia Anum Salon 

Rabia Anum is a famous Pakistani commentator and news anchor. She made her name through renowned news channels. Rabia Anum made her name as journalist and following that started her own salon as a side business. She named her salon ‘Asaniyan,’ which gives the best services to even those who might not be able to spend much for skincare.

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2. Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain is an actress and a model and a famous face in the fashion industry. She also has to her name a salon with the name Nadia Hussain Bridal Salon and Clinic. It is located in Clifton Karachi. Because of the interior and the professional staff, the salon is regarded among the best hair salons in Karachi. Her salon offers services ranging from Keratin Hair Straightening, Facials, Manicure/Pedicure, Massage Therapies, Hair Styling Hair Spa, among others. Alongside that, Nadia Hussain has also started her cosmetic line with the name NH Bling Cosmetics.

3. Shabs by Shabbir Jan

Shabbir Jan laid the base for a men exclusive salon in 2009. The salon has been successful in business so much so that it now has two branches to its name; one in KDA and the other, DHA. The services that the salon offers to men are regular haircuts, streaking, perming, hi-lights hairstyling, as well as treatment for damaged hair—the salon is regarded as one of the best men’s hair salons of Karachi. Aside from hair, the salon also offers skincare services, massages, manicures, and pedicures.

4. Mikaal Zulfiqar

Mikaal Zulfiqar, another extremely famous actor in the Pakistani drama industry, has started his own men’s salon. He has named it ‘Headlines for men’. This specific salon is situated in Lahore and targets men who take their skincare and hair care seriously. The grand opening ceremony of Mikaal Zulfiqar’s salon was a star-studded ceremony.

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5. Shagufta Ejaz

Be it a negative role, or be it a positive role, you know if Shagufta Ejaz is playing it, it’s going to be awesome. The seasoned actress always shines on the screen. She also runs a beauty parlour that she named ‘Envy’. The parlour is located in Karachi and has been running for many years. Many celebrities also endorse this beauty parlour.

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Alongside these Famous Pakistani TV stars, some film actors have got into the beauty industry. Sahiba, a film actress, started her salon with, the name Sahiba’s Signature Salon. Furthermore, stage dancer and film actress Nargis also opened her beauty salon upon shifting to Canada with her family. We wish them all of the success.

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