stalking your ex
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Stalking your ex is fun or not that is beside the point but is it healthy? We don’t believe so. And in this article, we will convince you why it is not healthy. So read through the article and internalize these five reasons why you really should stop stalking your ex on social media.

stalking your ex
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1. What is he/she doing?

Breakups hurt, and checking up on your ex to see what they are doing is a pretty standard way of dealing with the hurt. The thought in your mind would most definitely be whether your ex-partner misses you or moved on? But you have to remember too much of this ‘stalking’ is not suitable for you. Using social media to find about your ex’s location and seeking them out, there could be toeing the line of the law.

2. Why be sad when you can be happy

When you are stalking your ex on social media, account the primary emotions going through you are the negative ones, like sadness, anger, or even regret. Now, you would say that you just want to remember the happy times, but believe us, thinking about your ex, even about the joyful times, leaves a residual sad feeling. The better thing to do would be to do something constructive. Do something that makes you happy and not alone. And if you are ready for a new relationship, maybe try a dating app.

stalking your ex
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3. Its time to let go

When something is causing you severe physical torment, what do you do? You distance yourself from it. Now apply that logic to emotional pain; you don’t enjoy it, but it’s there. What you can do to dissipate that pain is stop getting informed about your ex through Instagram or Snapchat. We hope your brain acknowledges this pointer because we know your heart is biased right now. Do the sensible thing and delete him/her from your life.

4. The Humiliation

Picture this, you’re standing somewhere public and scrolling through your ex’s social media account, you turn around and reasonably, they are standing right there, and they’ve already seen what you were doing. Now that could be categorized as a whole new form of embarrassment. Obsessing over them, not just in front of them but also in front of others will make you let’s be real, a bit pitiful. The best way to avoid this kind of humiliation is, DON’T STALK THEM!

stalking your ex
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5. Misunderstanding

Even during a relationship, your partner’s social media posts might be misleading. For example, he told you he was going to a family dinner, and that night, he uploaded a photo with a girl. Shocking! Right? Not surprising when you find out that girl is his cousin. Now, imagine the vast room for misunderstandings when you two don’t even contact each other anymore. Instead of sizzling in jealousy and curiosity over whether he found someone new, expend that time into something that benefits you.

All in all it hurts you. So stop torturing yourself. And as this one great love guru said,’You can’t move on because you keep thinking what if that was your one true love. He/She was not. If you lost them, they were not!’

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