Manual vs Automatic Transmission
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Car fanatics are like any other collector; they are knowledgeable about what they are passionate about.

However, even though their love for cars brings them together, it also splits them apart over debates.

One of the most popular debates of all times is over a simple question, which car is a better buy, manual transmission, or automatic transmission?

Today, we will help you solve this dilemma as we will give you not one or two but five reasons why manuals are a better buy than automatics.

5 Reason Why Manuals Are A Better Buy Than Automatics

1. If You Can Drive A Manual, You Can Drive Anything

Manual vs Automatic

One of the most significant advantages manual drivers have is that if they can learn how to drive a manual transmission, then they can drive any car in the world!

Unlike automatic drivers, manual car drivers feel it is much easier to operate any car if they are used to driving with the manual transmission. From a motorcycle to a tractor and even a Forklift, manual drivers can drive them all.

On the other hand, automatic transmission drivers face a hard time in doing so because they are not used to the gearbox.

2. Affordable To Buy & Maintain

Unlike an automatic transmission, manual transmissions are more comfortable to buy as they come with a cheaper price tag and are even easier to maintain as well as the parts are readily available and affordable too.

3. The Driver (You) Has Full Control

Manual Transmission Car
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Everyone loves the feeling of being in control, especially automotive fanatics. Being able to feel the power of controlling your drive gives you a whole new level of adrenaline. This feeling is not experienced with automatic transmissions.

4. Fewer Chances Of Being Stolen/Borrowed

Since many young drivers and old ones too find it difficult to drive manual cars compared to automatics, the chances of someone borrowing your cars are low.

Not to forget that comparatively, the demand for manuals is lower than automatics, which means that the possibility of your car being stolen is way less.

5. You Can Carry Out Engine Modifications

Engine Mods
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With automatics, modifications to the engine are risky; at times, it can cause massive damage to the entire engine, which may have to be replaced entirely.

Unlike with manual transmissions, drivers can conduct lots of experiments and can modify their ride accordingly.

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