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The Pakistan Cricket team has seen its fair share of glory and wins over the decades, with impressive players making its roster and making a mark on the sport’s history. The team has seen legends such as Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhtar, Waqar Younus, and many more as the years have progressed. Of course, one cannot forget how Pakistan won the 1992 cricket world cup, something any fan can remind you of.

However, it seems that the team has not been at its best in the previous few matches, and that fact was cemented deep with the last loss that Pakistan faced. It was a match against Australia and Pakistan was defeated by 79 runs. So why is it that the Pakistan cricket team needs to step up their game?

1. The Batting Lineup Needs Improvement

When it comes to playing cricket, both the fielding and the batting have to be kept in perspective. If too much is focused on one side, the other one sees its share of errors. Similarly, not putting too much effort in either side also results in dire consequences. At times, we can see that our players start to fall like dominos, one after another. The lineup needs to be changed to keep the team morale high, to not let the spirit be broken upon the fall of a wicket.

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2. Cricket Fielding Practice

One of the most vital aspects of cricket is when a batsman starts hitting heavy shots, but those that can be caught well. However, if players are dropping catches, it also feels like the bowler’s efforts are going to waste. Abdullah Shafique dropped important catches in the last match, which can often be enough to turn the tide in a match.

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3. Bench Where Necessary

At times, it is possible that a player will be going through a dry spell or a rough patch. During such a time, it is important to understand that it is not wise to put them in a lineup in every game. If they need time to improve and take a step back, they should be allowed to. Forcing someone to play when their performance needs improvement is only going to cost the team more games. Imam Ul Haq failed to perform in both innings in the last game.

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4. Hold The Wicket

It is not just important to score runs and make boundaries. One of the most important parts of cricket is to hold the wicket while making runs. If a person is not holding the wicket, it means they are not getting well into the spirit of the game. Pat Cummins took 10 wickets in the last game, that is quite an achievement. However, it seems like a room for improvement on our part.

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5. Cricket Requires Dynamic Strategies

Not only does cricket require strategies to be able to win, it needs dynamic strategies. This means that the strategy should be changing with the team, pitch, weather and time of day. Opposing Bowlers should not be able to predict the weak point of any batsman. Similarly, opposing batsmen should not be able to predict the type of delivery a bowler is going to do.

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These are some of the reasons that the Pakistan cricket team needs to step up its game if it intends to win in the coming matches.

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