rain in karachi

Rain in Karachi is nothing short of a blessing, especially considering how rarely it now occurs.

Karachiites get excited at any and every weather update that includes a rain forecast, and start dreaming of umbrellas and pakoras. The sight of underprivileged children enjoying the flooding streets brings back some semblance of joy and simplicity to the generally worried, anxious minds of Karachi’s residents.

However, while rain is great for plants and our hearts, there is another side to it that makes it rather dreadful for many.

Here are 5 reasons rain in Karachi does more harm than good:

1- Standing Water Yielding All Kinds of Infections and Diseases

According to WHO, standing water caused by heavy rainfall or overflow of rivers can act as breeding sites for mosquitoes. Therefore, chances of infections and diseases such as the following are enhanced:

  • Water-borne diseases, such as typhoid fever, cholera, leptospirosis and hepatitis A
  • Vector-borne diseases, such as malaria, dengue and dengue haemorrhagic fever, yellow fever, and West Nile Fever

2- Demolished Homes Rendering Citizens Homeless on Dirty, Flooding Streets

While many of us make the most out of the rainy season from our glass windows and under our safe cemented ceilings, a large number of people are on the streets because the government decided to demolish their homes a few months ago.

A good example of the same is residents of Ghareebabad, Karachi. This tweet aptly explains the distress of Ghareebabadis and how their misery is amplified due to the lack of safe outdoor spaces.

3- Citizens Dying of Electrocution and Other Incidents

According to various news channels, at least 16 deaths have been reported due to rain-related incidents in the city while many areas suffered from power breakdown that were still continuing.

4- Flooding Streets Making it Nearly Impossible for Citizens to Commute

Rain in Karachi can lead to the roads and streets being flooded to the extent that the water can be anywhere from ankle-deep to knee-deep to deep enough to drown half of your cars in it.

Thanks to which, it becomes near to impossible for people to step out of their houses. Not only that, the water also causes damage to both parked and moving cars, which results to the cars either breaking down on the roads or refusing to start at all.

Of course, that worsens traffic on the roads and results to increased frustration in drivers, pedestrians and traffic authorities.

Moreover, rain also causes the occurrence of grave pits on roads, which gives rise to accidents.

5- Businesses Suffering Due to Power Breakdowns and Lack of Attendance During Heavy Rainfall

Needless to say, when it becomes difficult to step out of the house, people are unable to reach their workplaces which results in more absenteeism which causes businesses to suffer.

Moreover, frequent electricity breakdowns that last too long make it difficult to work for employees who do manage to reach their offices somehow

How Can the Mess be Fixed?

Citizens brace themselves for disappointment whenever rainfalls in Karachi get heavy.

Major responsibility to take care of the city falls upon the shoulders of the government and concerned authorities.

Instead of reacting on the situation at hand, the government must pay attention to forecasts and be proactive. The only way these calamities can be avoided is if the government takes preventive measures ahead of time.

The government must put a special focus on housing, infrastructure, and electricity to ensure that citizens can take rain in Karachi as the blessing that it is instead of dreading it for the hazards.

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