5 popular brands
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Thinking that there might be some brands who are thriving without much advertisement is mind-boggling. This is because we have seen most brands do -in-the-face advertising that the idea of no advertising a brand goes past us. But yes, there have been some trendy brands who have not advertised and yet, their popularity is peaking. Here are five popular brands that we will be talking about when it comes to no advertising aspect.

1. Zara

Zara opened their first store in 1975, and in 4 decades, it had 2000 stores in 77 countries. Their empire is built on reputation, a reputation that is constructed around the idea that they analyze fashion trends and hence, can bring the latest fashion from runway to stores. They are also known to produce a limited number of each piece creating a sense of urgency within their potential customers. Meanwhile, their production utilizes cheap material, so it offers fashionable clothing at a reasonable cost.

Duchess of Cambridge wore Zara the day after her wedding with Prince William. Influencer Marketing is done right!

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2. Costco

Costco became the second largest retail brand, not just in States but in the whole world. And it has enjoyed an excellent spot ever since. It has done that without advertising. This has become the source of their pride. Alongside pride, not advertising allows them to reinvest back into the brand and pay a higher wage rate. This enables low turnover rates. Coupled with low prices and stocks soaring high, its investors are pleased.

Let’s just say Costco ha replaced marketing with membership. If consumers don’t opt for it, they experience FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). The membership offers exclusivity. With 90% of members renewing membership, it is a clear indicator that the method is working.

5 Popular Brands
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3. Tesla

Automobile companies usually opt for ads. However, Tesla stands apart from them in this approach. So, for instance, when they launched a children’s Electric Model S, they created a massive buzz by retweeting their consumers’ home videos. Their word of mouth and Elon Musks’ antics keep the brand exciting and intriguing for consumers. Their idea is to create ripples through innovation. And as Musk is reported to have said, he’d instead put money into the building because what they build speaks for itself.

4. Sriracha

David Tran started his business through local markets and restaurants. What set his brand apart was a good recipe. His condiments were homemade and sold in recycled baby bottle jars. Three decades later, the sauce has become popular around the world. And that is all thanks to word of mouth. The brand has never been advertised. Instead, it lets the product speak for it.

For instance, once, the residents of Irwindale sued Sriracha for the factory’s odors. David Tran tackled it by inviting them to the factory so they could witness the operations. Now that they have a filtration system for the scents, they attract 3000 people at the weekend for public tours. They give each visitor a small sample.

5 Popular Brands
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5. Rolls Royce

So tell me, how many Rolls Royce ads have you seen? None. Exactly. The brand has thrived for more than a hundred years. It has a reputation among its wealthy clientele so much so that the brand is a status symbol. But without advertising, everyone knows about the brand; its never out of the discussion. While wealthy buy it, the not-so-rich aspire to buy it.

5 Popular Brands
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This is not to say that brands should not advertise. Advertising is real, essential for a business. It is not an expense but rather an investment, but we are just highlighting five popular brands that made it without advertisements.

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