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If you are a true karachiite, you’ll know that yes, we do have branded food outlets, but ‘jitna ghaleez utna lazeez’ (the dirtier, the tastier). So the food you will find at the roadside vendors, or as we call them thelay wale, they beat any branded food item and are also very economical. And since it’s the time of winter, so the food that is the hit of this season is soup. So let’s list down for you the best soups in the city.


Located at Baitul Mukarram, Azam soup is reportedly the best soup in town. It is super tasty, and the chips laden on the soup are incredibly spicy and tasty as well. What is more is that it is super economical. I mean, can you imagine a good starter at only PKR 60. And if you want it with an egg, then it is PKR 90. For those who would want to try it, look at the backside of bait ul Mukarram.

2. North Nazimabad. Opposite to Al Karim Supermarket.

The soup stall goes back ten years, so basically, they are serving you with the ten-year-old legacy. And trust me, it is one of the best in the city. It is located in North Nazimabad, and the price of the soup ranges from Rs. 40 to Rs. 60. Whoever tries it ends up giving it a ten on 10 for quality.

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3. North Nazimabad

Anther roadside soup in the area of North Nazimabad is qualified to be listed here. It has a different color, not like the usual one. It looks a bit orange. You can take it with soy sauce and green chatni too, unusual, right? But the soup is still a ten on ten even if you opt for no sauces. So eat it while standing as you should because it is no five-star restaurant; it is a thelay wala. You can find it near AL Hasan Chowrangi, Nazimabad No. 1, Karachi. And it only costs PKR 60.

4. Bolton Market

Called SaifUllah Soup, the roadside vendor can be found in Bolton Market. If you have a late-night craving for the soup, you can totally go to MA Jinnah Road even if it is 3 am, and you will be able to find that little corner alive. Whoever tries it will never be able to forget the taste.

4. Battair Soup

Now, whenever you hear of soup, you will immediately think of Chicken (of course, that is, if you are a karachiite, if you are from Lahore, well donkey or rat or anything can roll). But yes, a karachiite, anything other than chicken, is unusual. But what if I were to tell you that you can find a battair soup and one which tastes super awesome?

So it is located at Khilafat Chowk; there, near the Peshawari yakhni, you will find this vendor.

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5. Salamat Chicken Corn Soup

This one is for my friends from the other side of the bridge since every other vendor was from this side. I present to you Salamat Chicken Corn Soup. You can get the serving for only PKR 50, and they serve it to you with chips & papri. It is located near PSO Petrol Pump, opposite glass tower, Teen Talwar.

When you have soups day out and try all these, do let us know if you agree with us or not.

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