The Pakistani podcasts to listen to
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If you live in a city like Karachi, you might find yourself commuting from one place to another. You might drive a long distance to office in the morning, and find yourself driving back in the evening. That said, you might be travelling listening to music or in complete silence, as many people prefer. However, if you want to stay updated with the current situation of Pakistan, then these podcasts are for you.

If you want to hear people talk about topics that are considered a stigma, or stereotypical areas, then these podcasts are for you too. Additionally, these podcasts provide an opinion that one can listen to with an open mind, since they don’t try to enforce it on others.

1. The Pakistan Experience

This is one of the most engaging podcasts present on the entire network. Not only does it talk about the everyday situations of Pakistan, it also brings that experience to the listener in a relatable manner. It often features personalities from authoritative designations, who can shine light on quite a lot of matters. Additionally, the podcast also often gives its opinion and lets the listener form their own.

2. Thoughts Behind Things

Here we have another podcast that dives into the depth of Pakistan. Here, you can often hear discussions happening from the historical perspective as well. Two people might be discussing a certain event in our history and talking about its impact in this day and age. It is mind-opener of a podcast and is certainly worth listening to.

3. Individual Podcasts – Junaid Akram

One of the most influential personalities in Pakistan today, Junaid Akram brings the voice of the everyday person to the listeners. Listening to his podcast can make you truly feel like you are living in this city, as many people are going through similar things as you. Be it talking about the traffic situation, the load shedding or the charitable work being done, this podcast brings it to you.

4. The Mosiki Podcast

If you wish to understand the socio-cultural aspect of Pakistan better, then this podcast is for you. It brings people the everyday things that people in the industry go through. From cultural magazines to socio-economic scenarios, this podcast discusses it all.

5. Individual Podcasts – Mooroo

Mooroo is another one of the influential personalities in Pakistan, who also tends to bring the everyday life to the listener. He also brings professionals from various industries to talk about their experiences, the current situation of the job market, and how Pakistanis can enter into the business end of the industry.

These podcasts are sure to make your mornings and evenings productive during commute and keep you updated with everything!

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